The Supervillains Tour

With Falling In Reverse, Attila, Metro Station & Assuming We Survive


Date: November 7, 2015
Venue: Riverside Municipal Auditorium
City: Riverside, CA
Highlight: Lead singer of AWS walked on the crowd, Metro Station brought out the kid out in all of us with Shake It, The Drug in Me is You was played a total of 5 times!
Reviewed by
Alice G.

A three-hour line, a selfie with Adrian Estrella, a quick merch run, a flight of stairs, ten minutes in ‘awe’ at how big the venue is, and an hour wait later, cue the lights- it’s time for the show.

The night started off with a classic, ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe echoed through the hall as Assuming We Survive took to the stage. The crowd cheered on as Adrian Estrella launched into his vocals,  and then bobbed along mouthing the lyrics here and there. After finding success back in 2007, it’s a wonder that more people don’t know of them yet. Seemingly aware of their obscurity in the scene, and eager to make it so everyone can have fun and sing along, the guys teach the audience bits and pieces of their songs. Adding yet another element of interaction with the audience, Estrella will actually take cell phones from the audience and record the crowd and himself singing to give a lucky few fans a memory they can keep forever.

Along with their great stage presence, it’s what makes them an instant favorite of many, 18 days, 18 days without you! From the heartfelt track ‘18 Days,‘ to the fun backing vocals of ‘Better Without You‘ the crowd was loving Assuming We Survive.

For the last spectacle, Estrella (known for being fearless) scouted the crowd for a trusted foothold, and then continued to walk out onto the crowd while performing ‘Down.‘ The emotion in the performance was so powerful that it riled up the crowd, which in turn powered Estrella even more. Reaching out for hands and balancing along the top of the audience,  it was a moment that had to be lived.  Assuming We Survive really know how to put on a show, and after each and every set they walk away with a bigger fan base than before.

After a mini intermission the lights fade out and…BAM! Flashback to the early 2000’s- it’s Metro Station. Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso walk out and half the crowd goes wild… the other half cheer out of courtesy. It’s a crazy sight. Synthesizers and pop vocals fill the hall as the guys start off playing ‘Control and then go into ‘Seventeen Forever.  The nostalgia is tangible as the crowd yells the chorus over Musso’s vocals. Cyrus thanks the crowd and Ronnie Radke for still believing in Metro Station, as many didn’t due to a lengthy hiatus. Next, they played some new music from their latest album Savior. Trace Cyrus became theatrical during his performance of ‘Getting Over You which really added to the theme of the song. The crowd put together every break up they’ve ever endured, and sang back with all their hearts- sadly Ronnie Radke didn’t come out to accompany the guys for this song.

“Emotions only grew in size as Cyrus talked about a song that was practically a legend, many in the crowd argued that ‘Shake It‘ was next, while the others racked their brains for the name of that one song. Lights went down and that familiar piano rhythm began ‘Kelsey.‘ The crowd lost it!  The audience was more audible than the band, as fans sang that classic Metro Station love ballad with so much emotion that tears almost ran.”

As expected, Metro Station played ‘Shake It last. The anticipation for hearing this song live had been building since the rumour that Metro Station was back together. The venue shook with the dancing and vocals of the crowd from the very first “LET’S DROP” to the very last “Shake It.

After a much needed break it’s time for Attila, a highly anticipated moment for many in attendance, but I walked out for Nachos… Bad Reporter! An energetic intro welcomed Attila to the stage. ‘Callout began the set, followed by ‘Party with the Devil which elicited a huge response from the crowd and set the energy for the show. The pits opened up and the vocals overpowered the entire venue.  Shirts came off, and some bras found their way to the stage- Chris Fronzak being as chill as ever playfully sniffed one. The older songs riled up the crowd even more as their loyalty for the band showed in their passion while screaming out the lyrics. Somewhere in between, there was also a wall of death that some may say lacked strength, but was fun all the same. And finally, all hands where in the air for ‘Middle Fingers Up.’ Had it been any other band performing after, no one would have wanted Attila to leave!  After their set, the guys headed down for a quick meet and greet, before taking their place as guest bartenders- serving shots of Coldcock Whiskey to those in attendance.

The crowd then waited for what seemed ages, but realistically couldn’t have been more than twenty minutes for the show to resume.  A green and purple metropolis decorated the stage. The lights went out and the crowd roared in welcome of the night’s main act Falling in Reverse. As the lights started to flash everyone chanted “Ronnie, Ronnie!” As the guys walked out, there wasn’t one person standing still. The group immediately went into their first song from the set ‘God if You are Above’ and everyone sang along. The crowd couldn’t contain themselves when ‘Raised By Wolves’ was performed. The pit grew in size and bodies moved in proper technique as Ronnie Radke himself performed kicks and jumps. Radke called out California kids on not dancing because they’re “too cool to dance” and asked everyone to just have a fun time and dance. Kicking things up a notch, the guys quickly moved into ‘Sexy Drug’ causing everyone to lose it as they chanted the back track in the same fashion of the recorded track.  Next Radke warned us all of his voice, and how it wasn’t at its best that night. He scolded some fans on bad behavior and complained about wasting his voice scolding people when he could be using it to sing.

“Once the crowd settled down he smiled curtly and started singing ‘The Drug in Me is You.‘ This song was gladly accepted and the crowd went nuts to the FIR classic. As the song ended the crowd cheered and out of nowhere it began to play again. The crowd went mental and rocked out to “The Drug in Me is You” once again. At the end Radke laughed and explained, “it is a test of the Universe”. The fans confused yet thrilled laughed it off… but then it started again. Everyone stood still for a second but Radke urged the fans to rock out even harder as they were being tested by the Universe, and that is exactly what they did. At the end of the song everyone was tired and Radke was grinning as he laughed and kept talking about how this was a test. His laugh took over the hall and then once more ‘The Drug in Me is You’ filled the venue. At this point some decided to leave, but many just danced and sang like they did the first time. The same song had been played four times in a row!!!

The band started the beginning of ‘The Drug in Me is You’ again but Radke began to laugh semi-maniacally as they began to transition. For one second the instruments stopped, and in the midst of his laugher Radke looked straight ahead and exclaimed “I’m Back! Ha Ha Ha Ha.” The crowd forgave everything at once and rocked out to finally a different song. Theatrics ensued for ‘I’m Not a Vampire’ and continued after as Radke quieted down the room and had fans open up an aisle. Fans reluctantly opened up for what they assumed was to be a wall of death. “You’ll get your spot back, I promise” Radke repeated as he waited for everyone to oblige. When no one in the front moved, he joked about it being for him to have space when he jumped down there. At the thought of Ronnie Radke on the floor the crowd parted immediately. He then said he wanted to see everyone running. As the marathon pit began he urged more fans to join as he didn’t want to see anyone standing still. Radke began to swing his hips in his best Beyoncé model cover page pose on stage as he belted out “I met a girl and I really thought she liked me…”  The crowd went crazy and once again chanted in unison all the words louder than Radke. The show continued and no one seemed to have their voice left after ‘Situations.’  They ended their set with ‘Fashionably Late and said goodbye.

As the lights went out the crowd began to chant “One more song!” The band took two minutes before Ryan Seaman walked back out and bowed down to the fans like a king on a throne as the crowd went wild with excitement. The rest of the guys walked out and without a single word ‘Chemical Prisoner was on and then ‘Alone‘ and just when we thought the show was over Ronnie Radke begins to laugh and mumbled something about “feeling insane” and ‘The Drug in Me is You‘ is played again for the fifth time that night. The crowd loses their minds and falls right into step with Radke as we’re all insane at this point in the show. As the song comes to an end Radke gets serious and asks the fans if they’re having a good time. When the fans yell out a resounding “YEAH!” in return Radke responds with, “Well fuck you guys, ‘cause I did that for you guys to have a terrible time.” His fans then eagerly yell back in response “Fuck You” to which Radke yells it back. He calls himself an Asshole after that loveable “Fuck You” going back and forth in the same loving fashion as a segue into ‘Just Like You.Every heart on the floor was left drained of emotion as we all sang along with more melancholy than the song really elicits.

Now we all know that good things must come to an end, and we accept our kiss and final goodbye as the Gods of the night walk off the stage- but like any FIR show there must always be a plot twist ending.  Just as Ronnie Radke is telling everyone not to be assholes as they drive home and is about to walk off stage a female fan jumps up on stage and ambushes him in a hug. The rest of the crowd cheers her on as someone from back stage rips her away and walks her out backstage most likely to scold her. Radke laughs the encounter off by calling her an asshole in a playful way and wishes us all a goodnight.

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