The Used/ Taking Back Sunday

A Night As Reminiscent And Nostalgic As Looking Through A High School Yearbook Full Of Only Good Memories

Date: September 25, 2014
Venue: Showbox SODO
City: Seattle, WA
Highlight: William Francis joining Bert McCracken on stage for a one-of-a-tour collaboration of ‘A Box Full Of Sharp Objects’
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

Tonight’s show was bound to be as legendary as the bands about to hit the stage, The Used and Taking Back Sunday under one roof, playing yet another sold out show, as part of their co-headlining tour. The nostalgia in the air floated over a whir of murmurs from fans recounting their high school romances that took place to the tune of either a Used or TBS song.

To show how influential these bands have been on the genre over the years, all it took was one look out over the star-studded, sold out audience, William Francis of Aiden, Ryan Seaman of Falling In Reverse, and Matt MacDonald of This Classic Crime are just a few familiar faces spotted throughout the crowd. The Used and Taking Back Sunday were inspirations not only to fans but musicians alike.

You know a show is about to be exceptional when the tour opening act as a project of former My Chemical Romance member Frank Iero, this starting off the trifecta of the evening. FrnkIero And The Cellabration introduced themselves, playing songs off their debut album ‘Stomachaches’ and lived past the expectations that go along with opening for one of the biggest tours of the season.

After the lights dimmed and the screams of the sold-out Showbox echoed throughout the venue. Slowly a wall of eerie, broken, old televisions flickered to life as The Used made their way on stage silhouetted in white light. The set list was exactly what fans had hoped, a majority of Used classics from their repertoire of hits (The Used, self-titled, In Love And Death, Lies For Liars) seamlessly connected together with the occasional and welcome new additions from ‘Imaginary Enemy.’

Throughout the set Bert inspired and challenged the audience to make a difference in the world, “If you still believe that people can make a difference in this fucked up world we live in, put your hands up in the air, thank you for giving a shit.” The crowd hung on Bert’s every word, you could hear the rebellious fire rising before he started into ‘Revolution’, a new track from their latest album ‘Imaginary Enemy.’ Turns out the packed Showbox already knew every word to this song as well.

The Seattle date of the tour marked not only a special night for each and every person that was their to witness it, but was also a very special night for Bert himself. After struggling with addiction in the past, he seemed proud and on top of the world as he announced that tonight marked his 2 years of sobriety. He went to speak on about the power of music and to thank everyone who helped keep his music alive before unplugging for an emotional, acoustic version of ‘On My Own.’

“Little did we know, we were also in for a treat unlike any other city on the tour, in the form of a special, one-of-a-tour duet; Bert called upon friend, and Seattle native William Francis (Aiden, William Control) to join him for a collaboration on ‘A Box Full Of Sharp Objects’. The crowd went wild as their hometown hero sang alongside Bert McCracken in a perfect outcast anthem.”

After The Used (who would under any other circumstance be the tour headliner) left the stage, you remembered that Taking Back Sunday was up next! From the moment Taking Back Sunday stepped on stage their energy and charisma was exactly what we were craving, from the signature vocals between John Nolan and Adam Lazzara, to the ever-catchy riffs of original member Eddie Reyes the entire set was, dare I say it – perfect.

Normally, bands will call upon the audience to fill in the choruses to their most well known songs, however, this was not the case with Taking Back Sunday, the audience could have sang the entire set list without any cues or leads. The feeling of unity throughout the venue was indescribable as every person joined in alongside frontman Adam Lazzara in one giant sing-a-long that grew and grew until the entire venue erupted into ‘Cute Without The ‘E’, and ‘MakeDamnSure.’

“Throughout the night there was a relatable comfort in the voices of both Bert McCracken and Adam Lazzara, Before computers and auto-tune perfected every voice there was a certain rawness and realness to music that made it special, believable. For those who still crave the genuine, sound of someone singing their heart out this was the show you’ve been waiting for.”

In a night as reminiscent and nostalgic as looking through a high school yearbook full of only good memories, The Used and Taking Back Sunday both proved why they have been able to stay relevant for over a respective decade. Both bands helped shape a generation, were pioneers to the emotional rock (emo) movement, and still continue to create music that has each and every voice at their sold out show singing along to every catchy chorus. Every one in the audience that hadn’t already played witness to a live show by either artist, undeniably left with shivers, and a strange feeling as though a part of them was somehow more complete.

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4 thoughts on “The Used/ Taking Back Sunday”

  1. After reading this review, I feel as if I myself was standing in the crowd. I’ll be sure not to miss them next time around. xo

  2. Reading your review brought me back to my high school years and feeling all the excitement of seeing some of my favourite bands, and having them really connect with their fans.

    The last time I felt that way at a show was at a City and Colour concert at PNE Amphitheatre a couple years back.

    Seeing Dallas Green preform whom I’ve followed for years and other projects, just completely open up and become so raw and real with the whole audience was a night to remember, not only did he throw an amazing concert.. 2 couples got engaged during the song ‘the girl’ it was beautiful, made you feel like you’re connected with every single person right there and then.

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