The Youth Authority Tour

With Good Charlotte, Silverstein, Palaye Royal & Movements

Date: April 10, 2017
Venue: The Commodore Ballroom
City: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Highlight: Joel Madden thanking their sponsor Journey’s for making this tour possible, and having a lot of “sole/soul”
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

I remember sitting in class back in high school, a long long long long long long long long time ago, (ok maybe I’m exaggerating slightly) zoning out as the teacher rambled on about who knows what, watching my girlfriend sitting next to me drawing that weird “S” thing all over her binder, and adding yet another heart to the picture of Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin taped to the cover. Kayla Fofonoff, if you’re reading this, I’m talking about you!

And if you’re wondering, this weird “S” thing….

Anyways, enough about the past, on with the show! The Commodore Ballroom was packed, really packed. The nostalgia was fizzling through the crowd like the taste of your first 40 oz. There was everyone from freshly turned 19 year old’s flashing that REAL ID for the first time, to die hard fans that have been their since day one. I can’t even begin to explain how charming it was to see 19 year olds’ rocking the classic red punk tartan, and then looking over and seeing a 50 year old wearing the exact same outfit.

Responsible with the honor/horror of opening the night was Fearless Records very own Movements, who took graciously took on the slightly terrifying act of opening for a band as legendary as Good Charlotte. Movements were full of so much heart and emotion, they immediately filled the room with their powerful sound. The spoken word breaks sprinkled throughout their verses were captivating; you could practically feel the desperation pouring out from the heartfelt lyrics. There was a charm in the meekness of frontman Patrick Miranda, however the band could have used a more dynamic stage presence, or at least some form of interaction with each other, or the audience. Overall though, a definite band to watch!

Next on the bill was fashion-alt-rockers Palaye Royale, who are definitely not lacking when it comes to stage presence. 

“Lead by bleach blonde Tasmanian devil-esque vocalist Remington Leith, the set was packed full of energy, and despite no obvious things within reach to hang from, the spirited frontman lead his brothers through a set full of sass and personality.”

As if opening for Good Charlotte wasn’t enough pressure, Palaye Royale voluntarily chose to cover the iconic track “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance, all whilst Remington delicately climbed over the barricade, ready  to get torn to shreds by the awaiting crowd. Always a must watch, always entertaining, and always bringing the unexpected, Palaye Royale bring a unique flavour to any bill they grace.

Up next were Silverstein, the Canadian heroes on the bill who eased through their set, playing with the comfort and charisma of a band that has played a million stages before. In true Canadian fashion (no not plaid and denim….oh wait yes, Paul Marc Rosseau was wearing a Canadian tuxedo ie. jean from head to toe) Shane Told had to talk about hockey, and the possibility that he was the long lost Sudin twin, before demanding everyone off their feet into the air for the heavy hitting track “Sacrifice“.  Despite the love of the old tracks, Silverstein also treated Vancouver to a little something new they have been working on, a new single titled “Ghost” .

In a moment that sent shivers through the audience, Silverstein announced that this would be their last song, and the lyrics “The drugs begin to peak…” rang out over a lone guitar. The guitar built, and layered with drums, building and building until the energy in the venue was almost unbearable. Good Charlotte would not be the only ones bringing the nostalgia tonight.

Good Charlotte…ahhh where do I even begin? Over the years, I’ve spent reviewing shows I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many of my teen-year idols perform, and very rare is it that they play EVERY song you want them to! Not a single hit was missed, “The Anthem“, “Bloody Valentine“, “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous“, the list of hits goes on and on. Mixed in here and there were some new tracks off of the actual album they were touring, but the boys were smart enough to know what the fans really wanted to hear.

Then! While some bands seem to have a hard enough time remembering what city they’re playing in, Good Charlotte not only correctly named Vancouver, but also went on to talk of the special place our city holds in their hearts, as (to my surprise) they actually wrote and recorded two of their albums here. The artist/fan connection was strong, not only did they talk from the heart, but they seemed so genuine, and down to earth.

Despite all the nostalgia….and even some magic in the venue… (Yep, the fans weren’t the only ones getting starstruck tonight, that’s Draco Malfoy who came to check out the show.)

There would be no encore, but who needed one anyways? Good Charlotte’s been at the game long enough to fit everything we could have ever asked to see and hear into their near perfect set.

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