Warped Tour 2014

The Best Day Of The Summer!

Date: June 28, 2014
Venue: White River Amphitheatre
City: Auburn, WA
Highlight: Ronnie Radke of FIR singing the line “I got my hand up on the throttle holdin’ up a broken bottle, Ready to cut you up and gut you like a fucking avocado”  yes, rapping about avocados is so thug in 2014, haha!
Reviewed By: Desiree Mark

Like a kissing in the rain scene in slow motion, there’s just something sexy about a downpour. Warped Tour in Auburn, Washington was certainly no exception. Who doesn’t want to see Telle of The World Alive singing his heart out in the rain? Talk about movie scene perfection. Despite the weather making things slightly soggy, the crowds and bands seemed completely unbothered by the rain crashing down around them. Over the past 8 years I’ve suffered some devastating sunburns from my days spent on The Vans Warped Tour, so it’s safe to say my vampire self actually quite enjoyed the cloudy break!

And besides there was enough hot music… and musicians around to keep everyone at the show feeling all warm and cozy.

With over a 100 bands playing each day it’s always a desperate combination of the infamous cell-phone blow-up set list snapshot, meticulous planning, and a good bit of luck to make sure you don’t miss that band you’ve been waiting all summer to see. Annnnnd… don’t even get me started on the dreaded “OMFG TWO OF MY FAVOURITE BANDS ARE PLAYING AT THE SAME TIME” fiasco, another common issue amongst many Warped Tourists.

“To this day, Warped Tour is one of the best events for bringing fans closer to the musicians they love. From countless meet and greets happening throughout the day, to exclusive BandHappy lessons, to simply standing in the crowd watching a set, only to realize that the guy standing next to you is Kellin Quinn. There’s something special about the fan/artist connection going on at Warped Tour. Giant family reunion vibes all around, Warped Tour is one big party that lasts all summer long and we were happy to be a part of it again.”

One of the earlier bands we couldn’t wait to see was For All Those Sleeping, personal friends of mine and incredibly talented musicians. These boys are huge up-and-comers to the Warped Tour world, and for their first year on the tour looked right at home drawing a huge crowd! Turns out music isn’t the only thing these guys are good at, they also took home 1st place in the distinguished Warped Tour bowling tournament. Known for combining the perfect mix of sing and scream the whole crowd was alive with energy, hanging on Mike Champa’s every word. I’d also love to give a huge Remember MEdia shout out to these guys for letting us hide on their bus and drink their booze throughout the day.

It was also great to catch Attila, seeing as for some strange reason….they can never seem to make it across the boarder into Canada. Hmmmmmm? Their blend of party-rap-rock-metal seems to be taking over the tour this year, but these guys definitely tore it up. Fronz also deserves some credit for quite possibly being themost photographed man on Warped Tour! Moving on to some seasoned pros I was definitely excited to catch one of my personal favourite bands, Breathe Carolina, curious to see how they’ve changed since the departure of Kyle Even. True, something felt like it was missing, however David did a convincing job as a solo frontman. I will forever miss the chemistry and on stage interaction between close friends and former duo Kyle and David.

Another band we had to check out was Falling In Reverse, love them or hate them, despise them or want to have their babies, they were the talk of the tour and we were there waiting on Radke’s next antic. Lead by the notorious Ronnie Radke, the band is always entertaining and great for leaving you with something to talk about. Firstly, Ronnie has to be one of the most animated frontmen out there and I can’t help but smile a little over his new found fascination with rap-core, and the particular line “I got my hand up on the throttle holdin’ up a broken bottle, Ready to cut you up and gut you like a fucking avocado” anyone who uses the word ‘avocado’ in a rap…gold. Overall, a super fun set, but FIR always seems a little too contrived for my liking, like one giant publicity stunt.

Another band I wouldn’t miss, literally, sprinted from one end of the venue to the other in order to catch Anberlin.

“After confirming earlier in May that this would be the last year for Anberlin I had to make sure I caught them one more time. As the sun set over the park, the soaring vocals from Stephen Christian seemed in tune with time. This is the kind of music that shivers are made of.”

Since there are simply too many bands to talk about each one without making this review about as long as the line I had to wait in for a margarita. I will mention some other key players: Motionless In White– for their dramatic set, keeping the spirit of bands who truly put on a “show” alive. Yellowcard– for being a summer, driving around with the windows down classic, producing one of the most memorable moments of the entire tour for me, as Ocean Avenue rang out over the crowds of Warped, making a picture perfect pop-punk summer moment. Mayday Parade– for drawing another huge crowd, with Derek Sanders singing out the anthems for all the summer romances beginning around us. Happy, falling in love music, that just makes you want to hold hands and fall asleep under the stars with that special someone. And finally, The Word Alive– for an always memorable live show full of energy, these guys had everyone in the audience off the ground, making the entire venue shake, with Telle’s charisma and backflips leading a set that no one will soon be forgetting.

After the show we spent some time tour bus hopping, catching up with the friends that Warped brings home to us every year. Then at last it was time to go, we left the venue with high hopes of finding our way through the forest of firework stands and out of middle of nowhere land,  back to Canada.

Overall, Warped Tour is an amazing event that not only delivers the hottest bands in the scene to thousands of doorsteps across the US every year but also promotes new and rising talent, giving exposure to the bands that will one day be gracing our Ipods. Forget what the jaded, old punks are saying about Warped Tour“It just ain’t what it used to be,” nope, it’s not, its way better! Warped Tour remains an essential part of the alternative music scene, and essential part of a true Remember MEdia summer!



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