All Time Low Surprise Fans In Their New Music Video For ‘Missing You’

If you’ve ever wanted to witness the incredible connection between fan and band, here is proof.

All Time Low just released a new music video for their heartfelt track ‘Missing You‘ and it couldn’t be any more perfect. Watch the guys surprise video chat some of their fans from all over the world and share the mutual appreciation and love for the impact that they both have played in each others lives.

Imagine not only receiving a surprise video chat from Alex and Jack but then finding out you were going to be featured in their music video! Now that’s a great day!

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below, what would your reaction be if All Time Low showed up on your video chat one day? What would you do? Show them your ATL collection? Introduce them to your cat? We want to know!

P.S. Can we just talk about how adorably Canadian Alex Gaskarth looks for a minute in his plaid flannel and matching sherpa hat? You can come brew maple syrup and drink Tim Hortons with us anytime!

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