An Interview With Girls Behind The Rock Show

We’ve got the scoop on a really awesome, new non-profit organization we think a lot of readers will benefit from! Girls Behind The Rock Show is an organization that aims to provide internships and scholarships to college aged girls who want to be involved in the music industry. We caught up with the founders of this great program and asked them a few questions. Read on!

First, so you can get a more clear idea of what, exactly, Girls Behind The Rock Show is, check out this quick video they’ve posted to their site:

So of course, as soon as we heard about this, Shelby and Courtney not only had our support, but we had questions as well!

Remember Media: Will Girls Behind The Rock Show locate internships for girls? Or will girls be bringing their internships to you for help as far as scholarships go?

Courtney Siwek: Both, it depends on the situation. If someone happens to find an internship on their own, we will help them, but we will also be providing places to apply to internships.

Shelby Chargin: We want to help as much as we can. It’s more of a “we’re helping in any way possible” than it is a program you could say. 

RM: Are there any other services you plan on implementing either now or in the future? 

CS: Yes! Sending over submissions to a couple labels for girls who want to be musicians is something we’re working on now.

SC: We’ll also be expanding into touring hopefully. That’s one of the hardest parts for females to get into. And ideally, we want to expand into other industries like film, art, etc.

RM: Where do you see Girls Behind The Rock Show one year from now? How about five years? 

CS: In a year, hopefully on a better computer! Our first intern(s) would be finishing up, and writing a blog/making a blog about how wonderful we are… And her own experience too.

SC: Courtney has a lovely sense of humor. But she’s right. We just want to still be here in a year or five. We want to be helping girls as much as we can to pursue their dreams. It’s kinda the extra hand Court and I never had, so we wanted to be the people to extend it.

We’re hoping one day we might even be obsolete because it’ll have evened out to the point where something like this isn’t needed. But we know that’s a long ways away, and we’re willing to put in the work.

RM: Now I know the cost of living in cities like LA and NYC can be extremely pricey. Not only that, but it’s difficult to secure living arrangements if you’re not local or don’t make that 2 1/2 times the rent requirement. Since I know this is the exact obstacle you are planning to overcome, how will that work? Will it be more of an AirBnB situation? 

CS: For now we’re going to try for AirBnB/room rental situations. But eventually we’re hoping to grow enough to work out a deal with rental companies where we can have housing readily available.

RM: I’ve seen that in your short time since announcing, you’ve gained support of some big names, like Mike Ziemer of South By So What?! What sort of partnerships would you like to see in the future?

SC:  Mike was really the reason we were able to do this. We came to him with the idea about two months back, and he’s been nothing short of amazing in support, helping us set up meetings with people, and the contest we just announced with So What?! as well.

We definitely want to be everywhere in the industry. Warped Tour is a big goal for us, along with getting regular tours to do some projects with us. We also want to inspire girls to pick up instruments and learn. We’re really just taking ideas and projects as they go and become available for us to work on.   

RM: How can someone who’s interested in this organization get involved? Either with helping out or in pursuit of utilizing your services for their dreams?

SC: I mean right now, we’re in our earliest stages. We launched thinking that this was going to be a slow growing support, but it got so much support just in this first week that we were a bit taken a back. We didn’t realize the need for what we were doing was as big as it seems to be. Court and I have a pretty good handle on everything. We’re hoping we need volunteers soon, we want to start a street team, get the word out everywhere. As far as utilizing our services, there will be a bunch more opportunities to get involved. That’s more of a keep your eyes on the website situation.

CS: Also, donations are tight.

SC: This is real, this is her. Even in emails.

Gosh, I just love this so much! Kudos to you ladies. You’ll be changing so many lives.

Check out Girls Behind The Rock Show on social media:

If you’d like to donate, they’ve got a GoFundMe set up right here.

If you’d like a chance to work at this year’s South By So What?! make sure you enter the contest here!

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