All Time Low – Last Young Renegade

The ultimate feel-good album…full of nostalgia, young-rebellion, and all the “Good Times” of our youth!

Release Date: June 2, 2017
Label: Fueled By Ramen
Rocks Like: You Me At Six, Yellowcard, We The Kings.
Recommended Track(s): Nightmares, Drugs & Candy, Good Times, Afterglow

As a long-time lover of All Time Low, I have to say that their social media antics had me on my toes for quite some time. Their discreet posts had Hustlers like myself speculating the release of new music, videos, and the possibility of a future album.

All Time Low kept their little secret from the music world for over a year. Fans were shocked to hear that the band had switched record labels, without any word getting out. Their former label, Hopeless Records, shared their support for the band’s switch, wishing them the best in their future endeavors. All Time Low has joined the Fueled By Ramen family, alongside some of our favorites: twenty one pilots, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, etc.

Their big announcement built up huge anticipation for the new album, set to release on June 2, 2017. As we know, All Time Low has always been great with giving us a sneak peak at the new music before it’s official release. By the end of May, we had already heard half of the ten songs on the tracklist, playing loudly through our speakers.

‘Dirty Laundry’ was the first track to reach us, giving us a taste of their new sound. The single was a smart track to lead with because of its easy-to-follow beat that gradually builds up throughout the song. After Alex Gaskarth, lead singer of the band, belts out the final chorus, listeners are left wanting more. I have to admit, during my first listen I was a little taken back by the unexpected change in their overall sound. At this point, I was very curious to see which song would follow up. I was not disappointed. 

Next, we were given ‘Last Young Renegade’. This song brought us a little closer to All Time Low‘s roots, grabbing the attention of anyone that wasn’t totally on board with ‘Dirty Laundry’. As a second release, it was another very smart move on their part. The track has a stronger pop-punk feel and sets the tone for the new music. From this, we are reassured that we are going to get a variety of sounds on the new album, which is something I gladly supported.

Before the full album release, we heard ‘Life of the Party’, ‘Nice2KnoU’, and ‘Good Times’. These tracks served as a confirmation that the rest of the album would without a doubt, exceed our expectations. Their last album, ‘Future Hearts’, was a hit or miss for their core fan base. A lot of listeners were fixated on their pop-punk roots, and ‘Future Hearts’ led All Time Low a little further from that genre. Rest assured, ‘Last Young Renegade’ is the perfect mix of their old-school sound and their recent growth. There’s no denying that the band has evolved their talent over the last decade, and their new album embraces that.

“Overall, the album serves as the perfect soundtrack to a late night drive in your “sunset town”. Full of nostalgia, young-rebellion, and all of theGood Timesof our youth,  TheLast Young Renegadeis the ultimate feel-good album.

Alex Gaskarth poured his heart into this album. His bandmate, Jack Barakat, commented that ‘Good Times’ was one of the best songs Gaskarth had ever written. I was blown away by his ability to write lyrics from an outside perspective of his past personal experiences. ‘Nightmares’ is a great example of this, and it is done beautifully.

‘Afterglow’ was the perfect song to wrap up the album, the kind of song that keeps you feeling young, inspired, and ready to take on the world. “Oh, just take it easy. Hold on to this feeling. No, we don’t need a reason. Cause we ain’t got nowhere to go, caught up in the afterglow…”

If you haven’t gotten yourself caught up in the full album yet, go give it a listen and let us know what your favorite tracks are!

‘Last Young Renegade’ is available now!

Track Listing:

1. Last Young Renegade
2. Drugs & Candy
3. Dirty Laundry
4. Good Times
5. Nice2KnoU
6. Life Of The Party
7. Nightmares
8. Dark Side Of Your Room
9. Ground Control (feat. Tegan and Sara)
10. Afterglow

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