Crown The Empire – The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways

The Latest Tale Told By Our Favourite Modern Day Storytellers

236_RR239Release Date: July 22, 2014
Label: Rise Records
Rocks Like: Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance
Recommended Track(s): MNSTR, Satellites, & Rise Of The Runaways
Rating: ****

Dear citizens of the New Fallout, for too long, our society has succumbed to the tyranny of our own actions. Wars, riots, we have tolerated the scum and have graciously cleaned up the mess. Well, no more! You have all been a consequence of the disease known as freedom, and now it is time to take that freedom away! As of today, you will be stripped of your identity and anything you hold dear in life, for it is your individuality that has lead to your destruction. Your children will be left to rot as punishment for your indiscretion, and the lives you have lived until now will be nothing but a memory.

This is for the survival of the race!
This is for the New Fallout!
This is the end!

The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways begins with an eerie spoken-word monologue setting the stage for the latest tale told by our favourite modern day storytellers- Crown The Empire.

Like a well-written Hollywood plot-line this album takes you through the full spectrum of human emotions, with each song playing its own part in telling the grand story. From the loud and thundering, pit-opening tracks like ‘MNSTR’ to the delicate, airy strings and vocals of ‘Satellites,’ each track seems meticulously thought out and deliberate. Throughout the album the story being portrayed becomes so clear that listeners can nearly imagine the scenes that would correspond with each track. The immaculate vocal harmonies between clean vocals of Andrew Velasquaez and the unclean screams of David Escamilla are not only accentuated on this album but also offer a dynamic that can never be reproduced live from a single vocalist band. The album boasts soaring guitars, sophisticated drums, and grand choruses ready to overtake sold out stadiums across the continent.

The depth achieved on The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways is also noteworthy and impressive for a young band, with this album being only the second full-length release from four-year-old Crown The Empire. Proving why they have earned invites to be a part of countless prestigious tours, positioning them alongside many influential artists such as Pierce The Veil, Motionless In White, and Asking Alexandria to name a few. As well as drawing one of the largest crowds at this summer’s Vans Warped Tour where in the span of a short year they managed to transition from the smallest stage, to the tours illustrious main stage.

From first listen the album fell short of capturing my immediate attention, due to less obvious hooks and a slightly less familiar sound than what was to be expected. However, after a few run-throughs I realized this album was meant to be more than just that. The album is smarter than a catchy hook, and is far more tasteful and elaborate in comparison. The combination of superior musicianship and immaculate production value (by Joey Sturgis & Dan Korneff)  creates a tour ready, stadium worthy album.

I’ve always been a fan of tasteful concept albums, however the line between tasteful and tacky leaves little room for fault. Besides a few cheesy interludes that I can easily skip past, the album holds the focus where it should be, on the music. Fans of the metalcore generation have recently been saturated in a specific sing/scream combination and seem to be begging for something new, something different, Crown The Empire deliver with various theatrical and electronic elements scattered throughout both the vocals and instrumentals offering a hint of uniqueness that captivates new listeners and holds the attention of the old just the same. Having been scrutinized by critics and skeptics for initially following the generic ‘Rise-core’ recipe for success the “identity stripping, fight for your individuality” storyline in Crown The Empire’s, The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways seems like an ironic, ‘take-that’ response to those complaining of another cookie-cutter metalcore band.

Crown The Empire have really proved themselves as a band to watch winning Alternative Press Magazine’s award for best breakthrough band on July 21st, and then just a day later releasing their greatly successful sophomore album which topped charts across the country. Overall, in an industry racing to write the next #1, It seems rarer and rarer to find albums that make you feel. No we’re not talking about those growling lows, or dubstep baselines that literally shake the floor beneath you, but rather an album that pulls emotion from somewhere deep inside. Crown The Empire’s The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways was one of these rarities, leaving us with something more than a simple, soon to be forgotten line, stuck in our head.

Track Listing:

1.  A Call To Arms (Act I)
2.  Initiation
3.  Millennia
4.  Machines
5.  The Wolves Of Paris (Act II)
7.  Second Thoughts
8.  Maniacal Me
9.  Satellites (Act III)
10.  Rise Of The Runaways
11.  Bloodline
12.  The Phoenix Reborn
13.  Johnny’s Rebellion

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