Get Scared – Demons

Just In Time For Halloween- It’s Scary Good

CSRWS6iWwAA2l2DRelease Date: October 30th, 2015
Label: Fearless Records
Rocks Like: Pierce the Veil, Vampires Everywhere!, Alesana
Recommended Track(s): Suffer, Relax, Relapse
Rating: ***

Get Scared have certainly been getting down to business. After all those Social Media updates and singles being dropped, ‘Demons’ was finally released just in time for Halloween. An album perfect for the occasion. It’s not that the album is horrifying- but it is scary good.

Nick Matthews vocal’s are instantly familiar, and his screams still give us the chills. This album is reminiscent of the original sound we fell in love with when we first met Get Scared; the sound we all followed them to Warped Tour for.  ‘Everyone’s Out To Get Me’ the predecessor to ‘Demons’  felt a bit rushed, and slightly forced, but that’s not the case this time around. ‘Demons’ is well structured and all the songs flow smoothly  into each other. The lyrics are soulful, and the balance between the amount of screaming and singing is pleasant. The band has worked out any and all kinks  they may have had in the past and have now formed a solid sound and image for themselves.

The passion of this album is also noteworthy. The lyrics themselves elicit a fire that rivals the natural emotion that arises when head-banging along at a live show. In ‘Suffer’, Matthews’s rage can be lived alongside him while listening to the track. In ‘Demons’, the agony is palpable. In ‘Second Guessing’, one can’t help but want to hug Matthews and promise we’ll save him. 

Throughout the album many common and relatable  life themes can be found. Get Scared have managed to put into words what many struggle to do so.  Fans will gravitate to this album not only for its great sound but for the strength in meaning of the lyrics. There is nothing better than a song that feels as though it was written specifically with you in mind.

Get Scared has certainly stepped up their game. With awesome guitar solos and perfect lyrics this one will be a tough act to follow. For now, all that’s left is to finally get a Get Scared headliner. The mosh pits will be worth it for ‘Demons’!

Track Listing:
1.Buried Alive
2. Suffer
Under My Skin
The Devil’s in the Details
What if I’m Right?
Take a Bow
Relax, Relapse
10. Second Guessing
11. R.I.P.

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