Marianas Trench – Astoria

Marianas Trench Bring Pop Music To A Whole New Level Of Awesome

marianas-trench-astoria-2015-1200x1200Release Date: October 23rd, 2015
Label: 604 Records
Rocks Like: Hedley, We The Kings, The Summer Set
Recommended Track(s): Yesterday, This Means War, End Of An Era, Shut Up And Kiss Me
Rating: *****

Marianas Trench‘s highly-anticipated fourth studio album, ‘Astoria’, is here! The record hit shelves this Friday. Renowned for their impressive concept albums, Marianas Trench has themed the record around their love for fantasy and adventure films, as showcased in the ‘Goonies’ inspired album artwork and title (Fun Fact: Astoria is the small town in Oregon where The Goonies took place).

Leave it to musical mastermind and frontman of the group Josh Ramsay, to create a masterpiece with an extraordinary array of unique sounds and concepts. The album brings us back to the 80’s with quirky lyrics and catchy melodies that have you singing all of the words at the top of your lungs only 24 hours after the release- this must be a record.

In fact, throughout the album, you may notice some seemingly familiar sounds for an album you’ve never heard before. That’s because the band plays homage to a few of our favourite 80’s classics, with sounds you may recognize from songs like ‘Footloose,‘ and bands like Queen,  and The Jacksons. At one point Ramsay calls himself out closing ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me‘ with, “I don’t sound like Mike did, no, but it’s alright for a white kid”!

The album opens with the increasingly powerful ‘Astoria’ intro, much like their previous records, ‘Ever After’ and ‘Masterpiece Theatre’. The final track brings everything together at the ‘End Of An Era,’ and closes the album with references back to albums past. There is an unmeasurable amount of talent in Marianas Trench; together Mike Ayley, Ian Casselman, Matt Webb, and Josh Ramsay are the perfect combination of musical skill and personality.

“After the 2011 release, it seemed like an impossible task to create anything to top ‘Ever After’. But Marianas Trench has proved it possible with ‘Astoria’.”

Every song in-between is unique in itself. Tracks like ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me’ keep you dancing along to the beat, while ‘One Love’ and ‘Forget Me Not’ pull on your heartstrings in the best of ways. If you’re not already a fan of Marianas Trench, this album is sure to draw you in and keep you wanting more. For those dedicated Trenchers that have been around since day one, you’ll have fun picking up on all the clever references to previous albums.

The album has a theatrical sound, with beautiful symphonic transitions like ‘August Burns Red’ and ‘Never Say Die’ that connect the cinematic feel throughout the album. The spot-on harmonies throughout the album are a signature of Marianas Trench and are bound to cause goosebumps. This piece of art isn’t your typical “radio pop”. Marianas Trench bring pop music to a whole new level of awesome. Without a doubt, they’ve outdone themselves yet again with their newest release, ‘Astoria’.

If you don’t already have your copy of ‘Astoria’ be sure to pick up one up and be prepared to fall in love with Marianas Trench all over again!

Track Listing:
1. Astoria
2. Burning Up
3. Yesterday
4. One Love
5. August Burns Red
6. This Means War
7. Hospital Bells
8. Dearly Departed
9. Hollywood Renaissance
10. Shut Up and Kiss Me
11. Who Do You Love
12. Never Say Die
13. Wildfire
14. While We’re Young
15. Forget Me Not
16. And Straight On Til Morning
17. End Of An Era

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