Never Shout Never- Black Cat

“Singing Songs, Clap Your Hands, Try And Sing Along, It’s A Catchy Tune, You Just Gotta’ Learn The Words.”


Release Date:  August 7, 2015
Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Rocks Like: The Ready Set, We The Kings
Recommended Track(s):  Hey! We OK, Red Balloon, Fone Tag
Rating: ****

Never Shout Never are back! Not only are they back, but they’re back with the  sound we all know and love from circa 2009. It may not be the year of hippie hair or odd angled bathroom selfies anymore but going from a one man band to a full group Christofer Drew has come full circle with “Black Cat.” Throughout their career Never Shout Never have presented us with many different sounds, but luckily for his faithful fan base he’s back to the bouncy pop/indie acoustic sound we all know and love. The group have also dabbled in the electronic sound which has recently took the music world by storm. The lyrics like always, give listeners a little glimpse into Cristofer Drew’s life story and thoughts.

The album starts off with the catchiest track on the album “Hey! We OK” which can easily be Never Shout Never’s newest anthem. Its theme about self-acceptance and knowing we’re all “priceless” is always great for inspiring self-love. “Hey! We OKwhich is also a single and instantaneous favorite, is right up there with past classics like “Troubleand “Can’t Stand It.”

“The ‘catchiness’ continues with ‘Fone Tag‘ which reveals Christofer’s current love dilemma and how he sees himself (which of course none of us would agree with!) ‘Fone Tag’ is as 2009 NeverShoutNever as it gets, with just a tinge of electronic sound to bring it forward into 2015.”

Continuing from the strong beginning of the Black Cat album, third on the track list is “Red Balloon,” a happy, catchy track about a metaphorical balloon finding freedom.

After all that “catchiness” comes seriousness, in the dark, yet jazzy sounding  “Black Cat,which is packed full of symbolism and metaphors. Christofer Drew shares his views towards drafting and war, and the feelings he has towards the romanticism that the “Red, White and Blue” has towards the military. This track is the song driving the album to the point of taking over the spot of the giraffe we usually associate with NSN. Following this track in perfect irony is “Peace Songwhich carries the raw emotion that Christofer Drew is known for. As a strong human and animal rights believer this isn’t the first time a Never Shout Never song is centered on the ideal of peace for all. Moving on from the seriousness of war and peace, the album then shifts back to songs loosely about love, and then simple  fun pieces like “BOOM! The last track on the album “All is Loveties off the album with the classic Never Shout Never message, “Love for all, and all is love.”

It’s obvious that Never Shout Never are moving forward as a full band and will definitely continue to grow. Remaining centered around love stories and self-acceptance, with everything the original fan base will love, and just enough to capture the hearts of the new. And besides, who knew the ukulele would sound so great strumming along to an  electro-pop sound?  Christofer Drew has come a long way since his Myspace days, and the Black Cat album is a charming and fun one to add to the mix, “It’s a catchy tune, you just gotta learn the words.”

Track Listing:

  1. Hey! We Ok
  2. Fone Tag
  3. Red Balloon
  4. Happy New Year
  5. Awkward Conversations (Best Day)
  6. Black Cat
  7. Peace Song
  8. WooHoo
  9. Boom!
  10. All Is Love

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