Atreyu Announce New Album Coming This Fall

After officially reuniting last year and putting all side projects back to the side,  Atreyu are set to release a comeback album in September via Spinefarm/Search And Destroy Records. Check out the teaser post from the official Atreyu Facebook page below.

Front man Alex Varkatzas recently spoke with Alternative Press on the impending record, saying:

“Having us come back together now—this feels like the missing link record. It feels like the record we would’ve made after A Death-Grip On Yesterday [2006]. In my mind, we’re starting there.”

Atreyu are currently headed overseas, doing a quick stint in the UK and Belgium, before coming to Canada to play at Amnesia Rock Fest In Quebec early June.

If September still feels like forever away, be sure to check out their most recent music video for “So Others May Live” right here.

Are you excited for the upcoming release? What was your favourite song off “A Death Grip On Yesterday?” Let us know in the comments below!

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