Are You Pretty? The Maine Says You Are In Their New Music Video!

The Maine have just released a heartfelt music video for the track ‘Am I Pretty?‘ This song conjured up all the feels when we stumbled across it while listening to American Candy, and the brand new video will surely make you smile even more!

Every day we are bombarded and surrounded by models and celebrities (like John O’Callaghan, for instance) whose beauty standards many of us feel as though we will never compare to. The Maine are here to tell us otherwise, and that we are all beautiful in our own way.  Their touching music video for ‘Am I Pretty?‘ starts with heartfelt stories of the hardships people face, just for being themselves, and looking the way they do. We must always remember and remind others we are all pretty and we are all loved. This could perhaps be the most relatable video ever made.

“You are beautiful because your eyes are different sizes and your lisp gets in between your tongue and teeth every time you try to say “something”. You are beautiful because the scar under your chin looks like a spider and because you have a massive fear of heights. You are beautiful because there never has been, nor will there ever be anyone else on this Earth like you. Because your flaws are like fingerprints and should be embraced just like the free will that resides inside. You are not beautiful because of the symmetry in the little squares on your telephone, you are beautiful because “you” are the only “you” this place will ever know.” -John C. O’Callaghan V.

Have you ever been told you weren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough? Well you are! We think you’re perfect just the way you are! Help us start the momentum, go tell someone what exactly it is that you like about them, and remember your “imperfections” are what someone else loves about you!

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