August Burns Red Release New Music Video For “Ghosts” Ft. Jeremy McKinnon

Nope, it wasn’t an apparition,  you read that title correctly! August Burns Red have just released a captivating new video for their track “Ghosts,” the latest from their summer release “Found In Far Away Places“.

In amongst a few glitchy, eerie beings you may hear the familiar vocals of Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember, lending his pop-punk vocals to brighten the mood of an otherwise hard, and somber-lyriced song.

Packed full of ghosts, and moody instrumentals this video is a perfect fit for the Halloween season, however it’s also much more than your typical metalcore video.  This one contains a powerful, heart-filled message about the homeless, and even deeper- treating everyone with respect, and not judging people based on first impressions, as you can never really know their story.

In a video bound to send shivers down your spine, and line your arms with goosebumps, a weathered homeless man, is seen holding a cardboard sign stating “anything helps” that is later switched to “you and I were once the same“- Can’t help but make you think a little…

This song and video have stolen our hearts, seriously what’s more lovable than metalcore, and breakdowns combined with a powerful message? Check it out below!

What do you guys think of this music video? Have you ever helped the homeless or volunteered at a shelter?

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