Cute Is What We Aim For Announce U.S. Dates of 10-Year Anniversary Tour

No need to be jealous of Australia anymore! Back in March we had the pleasure of announcing that renowned pop-punkers Cute Is What We Aim For were back and heading down under for a 10 Year Anniversary Tour. That left us with no option but to practically beg them to announce a U.S./North American leg of the tour.

Guess what…


Cute Is What We Aim For are coming our way and will be playing their entire debut album The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch from start to finish at every show! Which we know you already know ALL the lyrics to anyways. Check out what vocalist Shaant Hacikyan has to say about the tour:

“10 yearrrrrrs! This is so surreal. I’m not entirely sure what to say about a record that turned our lives into a movie for a few years other than to thank you from the bottom of my left side for making it possible and allowing us to live a dream one more time this fall.”

Get ready to be swooned by frontman/charmer extraordinaire Shaant, and the pop-punk, sugar-coated hooks, and clever lyrics that make this band so memorable- even after 10 years!

So with Cute Is What We Aim For heading your way this fall, all you need to do is find that special someone summer crush to hang on to, and get ready to cuddle up at the show over some pumpkin spice.

This is a seasonal affair
So be there or be square
And the invitation said so…



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