Dazzle/Annoy All Your Friends With New iMessage Updates!

Looking for a new way to irritate and annoy all of your besties via text message? Have we got news for you! Apple has just announced their updates for iMessage in iOS 10 launching this fall, and boy oh boy they’ve created some doozies…

Here are the main ones we think you wont be able to live without!

1. Personalizing your messages with a little hand-written love, that’s right, writing and drawing with your finger! Like many other phone’s already offer, Apple now gives it’s users the ability to hand-write a note using the same Digital Touch feature you’ve already gotten used to on your Apple Watch.  Does anyone else find it funny that the more high-tech we get, we’re actually reverting back to writing things out by hand just like we used to when we used the…MAIL. Dun dun dun…


2. Tapping an Emoji right into that message. That’s right, iOS 10 now saves you from that daunting task of…heaven forbid…. having to SCROLL through all those Emoji’s to find the perfect one. You can now simply tap a word to replace it with that just right, glass-slipper-perfect-fit Emoji. Joy, now I’ll have to spend my days deciphering the Morse code like notes I’ll get from my mom.


3. Alright, maybe my new fave useless feature- Invisible Ink! For all my “sexters” and cheaters out there, you can now hide sensitive texts and photos that are blurred out until the recipient gives it a little rub, kinda like a scratch ticket! The only problem is, it doesn’t take a genius to realize what you have to do to see the message, so if mom picks up that old iPhone of yours she’s still going to hear about all those nasty things your planning for when she’s out of town.

“Seriously Apple, call me when the Invisible Ink feature is blended with fingerprint recognition so only the phones user can unscramble that dirty sext….now that would be impressive.”


4. This next one kind of impresses me. We all have that one friend that send you countless texts that all require some form of response on your part, and sometimes finding the time to message back to every note can be a full time job. Introducing Tapback the new feature that lets you quickly reply back to a message, by simply tapping and sending a quick preset icon reply. Also a great way to let anyone annoying nonchalantly know that you just don’t care!


5. And finally, this one takes the cake with annoying! You can now change the background of your messaging thread, so that when the user receives a specific message the entire backdrop explodes with some annoying photo or video. You like fireworks? TOO BAD! You’re about to get a blinding, “awe-inspiring”, explosion of fireworks whether you like it or not! Tada!


And if those don’t convince you enough, the awesome people at BuzzFeed have made this useful little video showing you just how much better this iOS update will make your life.



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