HAPPY 3-03 DAY!!! 3OH!3 Are Back With A New Track & Album Announcement

They’re Back! Everybody rise for 3OH!3 !!! There, was that enough exclamation marks for you?

Tropical plants, lawn flamingos, ball pit, motorcycles, fog machine, bodies, pinata, yup this strange room 3OH!3 have found themselves in in their latest music video is pretty awesome!

It has been months, almost years, since we have heard much of anything from one of our favorite, quirky duos.

First some interesting  rumors started circulating and then BAM! The new song ‘MAD AT YOU‘ and corresponding video was released earlier today.

Back in December of 2015 the guys released a video for their new “work” ‘MY DICK,’ granted not everybody celebrated, and the video did have to come with a warning- but everyone who knows the guys should be familiar with their cheekiness by now!  ‘I’m Not Your Boyfriend Baby remember that one? Not only did they announce a new song, but also a new album. Alternative Press was right to feature them in their most anticipated music of 2016! NIGHT SPORTS is scheduled to drop on May 13th.  For now don’t be mad, and go give ‘MAD AT YOU some love.

After all, how could we ever hate on anything they do. Comment with your favorite 3OH!3 anthem below !


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