How Will Beartooth Top “Disgusting”? Find Out What They Are Planning!

After the recent success of Beartooth’s last album “DisgustingKerrang! ( decided to interview the band at Reading Festival regarding their plans for a new album. Prepare your ears, because Caleb Shomo thinks the new songs will be way better than the ones from “Disgusting!”

What about the sound you say? Well in the same interview Caleb stated:

I’m not gonna try to make a new sound or anything, it’s gonna be a Beartooth record.”

Thank goodness for that! He got into further by talking about how some bands think that going bigger and better album after album, changing their sound to keep fan interest is the way to go, but to them it makes no sense! Caleb reassures everyone that you can count on this album being another good ol’ fashioned Beartooth album- “It’s going to be intense, and heavy, with lots of sing-a-longs, the same shit as always!

Just the way we like it! Want to know more? Check out the full interview below!

Here at Remember MEdia we are totally stoked to see what comes next for these guys! Are you excited for the new album? If so, would you want to see them explore a new sound, or would you prefer that classic Beartooth sound? Comment below!

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