Picturesque Captivate With Cover Of “Becoming Closer To Closure” By Of Machines

Once in awhile a cover comes along that is just too good not to mention…

Case In Point:

Lexington, KY based band Picturesque bringing Of Machines back from the dead with their cover of “Becoming Close To Closure“.

“Frontman Kyle Hollis has already made a name for himself amongst the scene for having the voice to make other vocalists jealous.”

Take this song as proof. The ease in which he hits even the highest notes, paired with a gentle roll of guitars, makes for an absolutely stunning cover. See for yourself here:

For those of you unfamiliar with Of Machines, it’s probably due to the fact that their known career was quite short-lived. Consisting of just a single album entitled “As If Everything Was Held In Place” released via Rise Records, followed by a tour, and some controversy, but that’s about that.

Back in 2015, after a failed attempt to raise donations for a final EP, and their vocalist “MIA” the band wrote in a statement:

“With a heavy heart.. it doesn’t seem like the chroma season ep is going to happen… After months of trying to contact Dylan he, unfortunately, is MIA. Music has been written, but without a vocalist this ep doesn’t seem possible…If anyone would like we could release our demos with out vocals and all of you could finish our ep with us.”

We vote Kyle stands in on vocals and finishes the EP. What do you guys think?

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