PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn Talks Sexuality: “I Used To Want To Be Quiet About It”

PVRIS‘ front-women, Lynn Gunn, recently expressed her views on gay rights in an interview backstage at Reading Festival. When BBC’s Newsbeat spoke with the talented 21 year-old, she shared that she, “never had someone to look up to and be like ‘oh that person is OK and they’re gay’.”

Although Lynn used to be quiet about her sexuality, she now, “think[s] it’s something that needs to be shared publicly.

When same-sex marriages were ruled a legal right for those in the United States, Lynn tweeted from her account, @LYNNGVNN, “Yes! America! You like, finally GET IT!

Lynn uses social media to connect with her fans and be open about being gay. During the interview she expressed to Newsbeat that she, “think[s] it’s good to have an open mind and speak about stuff if you have a platform to,” and added, “I think a lot of people are trying to accept themselves and come to terms with it because it’s still a pretty big thing right now.

Lynn see’s no harm in self-expression, “as long as it’s something positive and something that’s beneficial to other people”.

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