Rock ‘n’ Roll Wedding: Hayley Williams & Chad Gilbert Are Married!

This past Saturday, Paramore singer Hayley Williams and New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert officially tied the knot at the Franklin Theater in Nashville, TN. They have been together since 2008 and got engaged in December of 2014. If you thought for a moment that their wedding would be as big as one of their concerts, think again. The two got married in front of a small group of family, friends, and bandmates.


Everything about the wedding had a very personal touch, from the array of local Nashville vendors, to the meaningful choice of location (which Hayley and her bandmates helped restore and re-open) to donuts featuring quotes reading “I like your butt” and “You’re so punk rock.”

Hayley rocked a Vera Wang dress along with pair of Doc Martens Jadon boots. Got to keep it somewhat traditional with just a hint  of Punk rock. The cake consisted of 3 tiers of delicious donuts, each level a different flavor and to top it all off there was an adorable little mini Hayley and Chad figurine rocking out on top!


Here at Remember MEdia we wish nothing but the best for the happy couple, and all this talk of romance has us wondering what their little punk rock children will look like 🙂


Photos courtesy of David Bean.

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