The Future (Without Motion City Soundtrack) Freaks Me Out- Band Calls It Quits

This is for real, this time they mean it…

Motion City Soundtrack could be celebrating a ‘20 Year Anniversary Tour‘ in 2017, however after being together for 19 years, the band has decided to call it quits.

We have no idea what the future holds,” they wrote in a farewell statement via Facebook, “but for now we are done.

For everyone that ever fell in love with their quirky lyrics, playful light-hearted tunes, and the way Pierre could make any dismal situation sound like something you wanted to be apart of,  listen up, on Monday, March 14th Motion City Soundtrack  will announce their final tour! In the meantime, you can read their farewell statement here:

“Hello, friends.

It has been a quiet winter for us. We’ve had some time at home after a very busy 2015. With this time, we’ve been able to think about the past, present, and future of Motion City Soundtrack. All of this thinking has lead to several conversations, and these conversations have lead us to a very bittersweet realization:

We have no idea what the future holds, but for now we are done.

Needless to say, we’re feeling all the feels – you may be as well. If so, or if you’ve ever been touched by our music, we ask you to come out and sing along with us one last time in 2016.

Please stay tuned for a very special final tour announcement on Monday. You can sign up to our email/mailing list via our Facebook page to be the first to hear the news. We really hope to see each and every one of you out there one more time.

Thanks for all the love over the years. It really means a lot to us – and it always will.”

We want to thank Motion City Soundtrack for an amazing 19 years, and for always being the ones to put a smile on our face. Though their may be some tears involved, be sure to stay tuned for coverage from the farewell tour here at Remember MEdia!

I’ll be back tomorrow
I’ll be back in the ballroom swingin’
I’ll be back with my Superman action
And I’m off to save the world

Let’s all share our favourite Motion City memories in the comments below!

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