The Ghost Inside Involved In Fatal Accident- GoFundMe Account Set Up To Aid In Recovery

“Here we’re all Family, and Family looks out for one another”

The Ghost Inside have been involved in a horrific accident involving an oncoming semi truck. Sadly two lives were lost, as for the band members all that has been said is that,

“Multiple members of the band and crew suffered serious injuries during the ordeal. Two members of the band had to be airlifted…”

With a good medical team helping them in El Paso, Texas we’re sure that everyone will be okay!


Bring Me the Horizon, Issues, Dangerkids and others have turned to social media to share not only information and support, but to let fans know of the GoFundMe account that has been set up to help our beloved musicians and those affected.

Fans and everyone else in the music industry have shown so much love and support to The Ghost Inside during these difficult times, it’s amazing to see how close of a family we all are.

IMG_2392Until more details are released, there’s not much else to do but wait, and send all your positive thoughts and prayers. As always, anything you can give or donate helps!

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