The Latest News To Break The Internet: Footage Of [Potentially] New From First To Last Ft. Sonny Moore

That’s right, following all the craziness of the past summer which set our hopes high on a From First To Last reunion is a new rumour and suspicious video clip. The video seems to show Sonny Moore, AKA Skrillex in the studio singing on what could potentially be a new From First To Last song. The video which surfaced just 2 days ago has many viewers (us included) crossing our fingers yet again.

Check out the small, dark, hard to see, yet highly significant 10 second clip right here:

Thanks to Reddit user CakeSoul for this intriguing new footage…

Earlier in the year in May, guitarist Matt Good revealed that new FFTL music WAS in fact being written, however Moore was only interested in ‘some sort of collaboration‘, which definitely didn’t sound too promising.

What do you guys think? Could Sonny Moore be taking it back to his roots? Would this be the greatest news of your life? We want to know how you feel about a potential From First To Last reunion.


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