Under 21? Guess what? YOU CAN GO TO WARPED TOUR 2016!

That’s right! After doing some snooping on the matter we came across a very reassuring article by Tyler Sharp of Alternative Press (www.altpress.com) stating that, yes, Kevin Lyman did in fact confirm that whether you’re a band, or a fan, you do not need to be 21 to attend Warped Tour in 2016.

Seeing the internet light up over the controversial  new “you gotta be this high to attend” rule for Warped Tour we had to get to the bottom of it.  In Tyler’s article published on Sept. 2nd, an interview on The Gunz Show (The #1 Alternative Music Radio Show) asked Lyman if the whole 21 and over rule was a real thing and he  said “NO!” Turns out that the rumor started when an interviewer took a joke of Lyman’s wayyy out of context. Phew!

In fact, Lyman does not want to exclude anyone from Warped Tour, especially not just for being underage!

Warped has been about turning people on to music; getting them into festivals, getting them into a lifestyle that I think is very, very good.” 

So let out that breath you were holding, and relax…

In the meantime you can listen to the full interview here, courtesy of The Gunz Show (http://thegunzshow.com).

Question Time! On a level of 1 to “OH MY GOSH WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN’T GO TO WARPED TOUR?!?!” How freaked out were you by the age restriction rumor? In all realness though, leave a comment – Are you already making plans for Warped Tour 2016? (You can bet we certainly are!)

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