We Still Believe In Love: And Have Fallen For SayWeCanFly’s Darling EP Out Now !

SayWeCanFly has released his first EP with Epitaph Records!  On October 23rd ‘Darling‘ was made available for everyone to hear, and don’t you worry, it’s the same sound we know and love from Braden Barrie.  From YouTube to WarpedTour’s Acoustic Basement, Barrie has been gaining recognition for his love songs and unbroken spirit. So get ready to cry and smile along with the sweet melodies of this new EP. Barrie may not believe in love anymore, but we sure do, and we are IN LOVE with ‘Darling‘!

If you’re not convinced  of SayWeCanFly’s talent yet then listen to the single that shares the title with the EP… ‘Darling‘ right here:

Darling‘ is available for purchase here, and you can also currently stream the album in it’s entirety, right here!

So what do you think? Will this song be the album that warms your heart through the cold winter months? Let us know in the comments below!

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