What BMTH Ex-Guitarist Jona Weinhofen Has To Say About “That’s The Spirit”

Since it’s release less than a week ago Bring Me The Horizon’s new album “That’s The Spirit” has taken the world, and charts by storm. From rave reviews, to fan praise, everyone thinks this album rocks!

Even BMTH’s ex- guitarist agrees! Or does he? In 2013 Jona left BMTH and re-joined I Killed The Prom Queen  as their lead guitarist. Recently Jona took to twitter to express how he feels about the new album:

We can’t tell if it’s one of those sneaky insults hidden in a compliment, or if he genuinely digs the new album….  perhaps passive-aggressively cooing he hasn’t really given the new album the time of day “from what I have heard…”

This isn’t the only Twitter hostility between Jona and BMTH either, yesterday a fan tweeted at BMTH asking about what happened with Jona, their reply was “He’s a cock. We gave him a picture of a spitfire and sent him on his way.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 7.25.42 PM

So what do you guys think? Are Jona Weinhofen’s compliments sincere, or do you think he’s taking a little Twitter stab at his former bandmates? Comment below!


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