We The Kings – Strange Love

Strange Love- Will Steal All The Hearts

tumblr_inline_nwrcs1tf1V1qfo293_500Release Date: November 20, 2015
Label:  2015 Ozone Entertainment / We The Kings
Rocks Like: Every Avenue, Hey Monday, Artist Vs Poet
Recommended Track(s): Jenny’s Song, From Here To Mars, Howl at the Moon

We The Kings have not only been busy releasing songs, touring, and meeting fans- they have also been pursuing their own personal projects and home lives (including weddings) outside of the band and yet have still managed to put together a fantastic album for our listening pleasures.

After a little game of unscramble the letters, and a few sneak peeks to entice the fans, Strange Love was finally announced as the mystery title. Now that it’s all out, the response to the album has been better than expected! Climbing quickly through the ranks overnight, fans have been showing their support. We The Kings have already hit #6 on the iTunes Alternative Rock Albums Chart with fans still flocking to it.

The beginning of this album feels like walking into a party. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s different. We the Kings have always been known for being fun and quirky, while still maintaining meaningful lyrics of love and life. Songs with strong beats and guitar rhythms that quickly became the anthems of our childhoods, Check Yes, Juliet’ … anyone? This is what We the Kings are known for, and even when changing up their style a little, they keep their bases covered, giving them that recognizable WTK sound. No band stays the same forever, and despite maturing as a band, when a We the Kings song comes on it’s impossible not to recognize Travis Clark’s vocals and that signature pop sound.

The party vibe rises and falls but does stay consistent throughout the length of the album. The lyrics are great- one could even say phenomenal. The passion and love for their music is felt in everything from the lyrics and vocals, to the bass drum beat, to the guitars, and even in the newly introduced electronic sound. Now on their own, working with Ozone Entertainment they have been able to create exactly what they want, and just have fun with their talent.

Elena Coats rejoined the guys on this album as well, as part of the track XO,’ and once again it’s a favorite. XO’ has a slightly different sound to the rest of the WTK‘s offerings, beginning with a more mainstream club sound, but fitting well with the party vibe theme of the album.

The album slows down towards the middle, and then takes things to an acoustic level towards the end of the album with Jenny’s Song’. Being newly married, and soon to be parents, Travis Clark’s love is overwhelming in Jenny’s Song’; an absolutely beautiful track. Keeping the slower, love-vibe going the album ends in mellower songs. The emotion in these tracks is palpable and breath-taking. Anyone in love is sure to break out their mixtape skills and send these lovely songs to their lover. At the very end there is an a capella mix that can’t be described in any other way but beautiful,and the original mix of XO’  is thrown in their just to liven things up again, and end the party on a fun note.

A remarkable album indeed. We The Kings continue to provide fun love songs, epic love songs, and beautiful love songs, all around. This album is definitely one needed in the We the Kings collection.  The guys are excited and we’re all excited to party on tour this 2016 to Strange Love, which will definitely be stealing all hearts.

Track Listing:
1. Love Again
2. Howl at the Moon
3. Completely
4. Heaven So Close
5. XO (feat. Elena Coats)
6. From Here To Mars
7. All the Way
8. Jenny’s Song
9. She
10. Runaway
11. She (A Capella Mix)
12. XO (Original Mix)

Band Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wethekings/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wethekings
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wethekingsofficial/

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