BrokeNCYDE Are BACK!!! With New Music Video “Los Locos”

No, you did not misread that. Whether it be the best news you’ve heard all year, or what your deepest, darkest nightmares are made of, it’s true!

Crunkcore duo, SE7EN and MIKL, better known as BrokeNCYDE may have been on hiatus for awhile, but are back and ready to release a variety of singles over the next few weeks.

Controversially, BrokeNCYDE have become an internationally known band with 20 MILLION+ in total views on YouTube & have reached #48 on the top 100 Billboard Charts back in 2009. Despite these impressive statistics, everyone has something to say about these guys.

A writer for the Warsaw Business Journal attempted to describe their music:

“Imagine an impassioned triceratops mating with a steam turbine, while off to the side Daft Punk and the Bee Gees beat each other to death with skillets and spatulas. Imagine the sound that would make. Just try. BrokeNCYDE is kind of like that, except it also makes you want to jab your thumbs into your eyeballs and gargle acid.”

Anyways, Love em’ or hate em’ they’ve released a new song, and surprise surprise “Los Locos’ is a song about being free and doing whatever the hell you want to do, GO CRAZY, be yourself!”

Watch the video here:

So what do you think? Are you ready for BrokeNCYDE round two?

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