Catch Ronnie Radke Riding Dirty In New Music Video

Picture the hot Nevada sun, a dry breeze, the open road and Ronnie Radke on a motorcycle. Let me give you a sec to grab a drink and possibly a fresh pair of panties. Falling In Reverse knows we like our bad boys so the video to Chemical Prisoner puts all our guys in black in the middle of the desert and brings along a biker gang, specifically his dad’s motorcycle club.  Putting aside the sexiness of Ryan, Derek, Zakk, Christian, well all the members actually, the passion in the vocals are as good as always, the instruments give chills in the opening seconds, and the now familiar lyrics speak to us more as we see the pain in Ronnie’s face and feel his voice. The video is almost as good as hearing the performance live.  Check it out and let us know how Chemical Prisoner speaks to you. 

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