Cobra Starship Calls It Quits

Whether you admit it or not, we all had a Cobra Starship phase.  After 9 long years of providing us with fun dance tracks, the band has decided to go their separate ways. Read on for more information!

Think back over the past 9 years. How many times did you sing and dance along to “The City Is At War” or “Guilty Pleasure“? Remember when Cobra Starship teamed up with Gossip Girl Leighton Meester and brought us “Good Girls Go Bad“? It’s always sad when bands break up. It’s sadder when it’s a band that brought us all our fun party jams.


Gabe Saporta made a post on the band’s website announcing the news. It’s a bit lengthy so take the time to read it yourself, but here’s some highlights:

“I want to say thank you if you’ve ever supported Cobras in any way.”

“To this day I am humbled by how much love our fans showed us, and by the completely unanticipated level of mainstream success we achieved.”

“To me, the most rewarding thing about Cobra Starship is that we were successful not because we played the game, but because we broke the rules and paved our own way.”

“My only hope is that we were able to be the backdrop to some of your fondest memories, and that those experiences have positively impacted you in a permanent way.”

I know I have some pretty fond memories that tie back to Cobra. Anyone else?

So what’s next for Cobra?

Gabe is starting up a new company called The Artist Group which is set to launch next year. Check it out here!

Ryland Blackinton and Alex Suarez departed Cobra Starship last year to pursue other musical opportunities.

Victoria Asher, Nate Novarro,  Eric Halvorsen (Formerly in A Rocket To The Moon) and Andy Barr haven’t announced plans yet.

Share your Cobra Starship memories with us below!

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  1. I remember shooting Cobra Starship at Warped Tour many moons ago and Gabe was trying to wrangle all the photographers with his mic cord like a western lasso…all while wearing the most rediculius outfit of life including a necklace with a picture of Justin Timberlake. Loved that weirdo❤️

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