Danny Worsnop Releases Solo Track And Music Video

From post-harcore (clean and screamo vocals – Asking Alexandria) to hard rock (We Are Harlot) and now a solo-country track, Danny Worsnop seems to be a man of all trades. Is there anything he cannot do?  And are you noticing a trend? Yes, Danny is getting softer but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Read on!

Danny dropped his solo track titled ‘I Got Bones‘ on the weekend. It starts off with a mellow sound which gives it a nice intro but then gets a kick at the chorus with an upbeat tune that makes it quite a catchy song. However, Danny’s classic, raspy voice is still so evident that we don’t think he’s completely given up on rock and roll.

Why not check out the video below and let us know which Danny you prefer, or if you prefer both!

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