Epitaph to Donate Profits to The Ghost Inside

This truly is the season of giving and it warms my heart to see how tight-knit the music industry truly is. We’re all a family, and the support is never-ending. Epitaph Records recently announced some big news concerning The Ghost Inside. Read on for more details.

As many of you probably know by now, last month The Ghost Inside was involved in a fatal bus accident that left everyone involved seriously injured. The bus driver did not survive the crash. A GoFundMe was set up in their name, gathering the support of many to help cover medical costs. Bands, venues, and promoters alike all contributed to the cause.

Epitaph Records, The Ghost Inside’s record label, released a statement yesterday that all profits from all The Ghost Inside’s albums will be given to the band indefinitely. Let’s take a second to applaud Epitaph for taking this step. If that doesn’t show you that money isn’t everything, I don’t know what will. Here’s the full statement from the label:


There is no news yet on how the member of the band and crew are recovering. The last update, posted November 30th, clarified how serious the injuries were. The band will be on hiatus from touring until everyone is fully healed. They will be seeking many surgeries and physical therapy hours in order to get their lives back. Please continue keeping The Ghost Inside in your thoughts and prayers!

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