Hands Like Houses Releases New Music Video

“‘Colourblind’ is about our cultural obsession with binary ideas — we are black or white, right or wrong. We’re so caught up, we forget that we live in a world of color.”- Hands Like Houses

Lots of camera movement, quick cuts, slow motion, and eye contact come together to make quite an artistic video for Hands Like Houses‘s latest track. Colourblind is quite a treat for the auditory senses! From the minute the video posted, the group’s fan base has been buzzing. For those still not in on the up and coming band from Canberra, Australia, Hands Like Houses has been stealing hearts all around the globe with their own alternative rock band sound, it is definitely its own kind of awesome. Accents and good looks aside, all five members deliver their all in every performance and track the band has played since they began. Check our their new video and comment below what you think. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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