It’s No Secret- Lead Singer Aaron Melzer Parts Ways With SECRETS

Lead singer of SECRETS, Aaron Melzer has decided to part ways with the band.  Back in 2010, hearts were broken when former lead singer Xander Bourgeois announced his departure due to an ongoing battle with addiction. However, not too many complaints were heard when the new front man was revealed. Aaron Melzer quickly mended all our broken hearts and gave us a full length album that helped put all our worries behind us.

SECRETS have been through so many member changes in their five year career that we’ve almost gotten used to saying “goodbye,” but we are still sad to see Aaron go.  We know this happened five days ago: yes, we’ve been SO upset we didn’t report on time!  An official statement was posted on the band’s Tumblr page

“After months and months of careful thought and consideration I have decided to part ways with SECRETS. Simply put, the touring lifestyle is no longer for me; I have different goals for my life now. … This was a decision I made to better my life. I wasn’t happy so I made the decision to change it.”  

We want to wish Aaron the best, and will honor his hope that we continue showing SECRETS the same support as always. So as beginnings are often disguised as endings, we’d like to give a warm Remember MEdia welcome to Wade Walters, with eager and open hearts.  All we ask is that he remembers “If he walks away, we need that heart to breathe.”

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