How To Halloween- In True Remember MEdia Style

Candy, Parties, FUN…Halloween! It’s Coming!

It’s almost Halloween time! And being that it’s by far one of the funnest days of the year, why not make a big deal about it! Here at Remember MEdia we tend to make a big deal about everything, so I’ll share my enthusiasm with you. No, I won’t read you the remaining time on the countdown calendar, and there are already about a million complicated posts about why we celebrate Halloween, but let’s be honest… present day 2015 it’s all about the FREE candy/ treats and dressing up like total weirdos with no one saying anything about it.

Halloween is epic regardless of age. As a kid there were cute costumes and a three day long sugar rush to look forward to. As a teen it was more about the secret trick-or-treating and scary costumes. But as an “older” kid, it’s all about the parties, top-notch amusement parks and down right epic costumes!

So let’s get in the Halloween spirit!!!

First, you must have a costume, it’s just tradition- Don’t be a buzz kill! Just buy that damn skeleton t-shirt that glows in the dark. Bam! Costume dilemma solved. For those who put serious thought into their costume selection, and the even greater champions of Halloween who make their costumes from scratch, keep it up, because you’re what makes this day so fun.

“Sure, costumes may seem over-priced, but seriously when else can you be a full-blown sexy shadow ninja and not be thought of as a psycho by mainstream society.  Hardly ever, that’s when.”

Next, grab a pumpkin. Take your almost dead, “I got all my signatures at Warped Tour with it”, sharpie and draw your most spectacular Jack-O-Lantern face on it. Now carve it! Extra points if you keep all your digits while you’re at it. Step back and admire your handy work. Instagram it! Tweet it and Pin it! Hell, even selfie with it. Then share it with us!

Then, take a giant bowl and fill it with candy. It CAN be all for yourself (maybe share with a group of friends, it’s not mandatory though). But either way, Halloween is not complete, I repeat NOT complete, without a treat yourself candy fiesta. Then, when you can’t eat another bite, and you’re in complete candy coma start giving some to the little ghouls and boys that come to your door trick-or-treating. Or, just leave the whole bowl out  and hope that people still honor the honor system. You know, keep the spirit alive, or at least make one kid really, really happy… and fat.

Also worth mentioning- don’t be a jerk. Yes it’s Halloween, but not everyone likes to be scared. Keep it on the DL with mall kids and girls dressed up as Disney princesses. Feel free to go all out on those with gory costumes, they are fair game. While on the don’t be a jerk topic… that party you’re going to- if you didn’t pay for a ticket then be considerate and bring something. Some drinks (no one expects expensive stuff so calm down), a packet of cookies, hell even ice helps. Also, be considerate of everyone! They didn’t dress like that to be touched, harassed or judged by you.

With all that out-of-the-way let’s get back to the fun part. The dressing up. Makeup – special effects kind included, shoes, and of course accessories. Don’t be afraid to go all out. If you want the stilettos, buy them! Who cares if you only wear them for an hour? If it completes your look then it’s a need. Who cares if you don’t look like the model on the bag, trust me you’ll look amazing anyways! It’s just about presentation. Theatrics included. So buy the shoes, buy the mock weapons, buy that eyeliner and then just rock the hell out of it!

If parties aren’t your scene, then how about amusement parks? Knott’s Scary Farm, Halloween Horror Nights, Six Flags Fright Fest, King’s Island Haunt or even Mickey’s Halloween Party, the list is almost endless. OR just go to a show! Someone somewhere is playing. Go find some new music to love, and bonus points for sexy band boys dressed up in costumes!

There’s ought to be somewhere to have some Halloween fun and if not, then just call up your closest friends and enjoy a scary movie marathon. It’s that simple!

Well, that about does it. Now it’s time for fun, so go out and have some! And, if you can’t decide on a look, just remember- the slutty pumpkin is always in style.

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