How To: Your RM Guide to Warped Tour 2016!

With Vans Warped Tour well underway and quickly coming to a city near you, we here at RememberMEdia thought why not make our own one-of-a-kind guide to make this years Vans Warped Tour the best one yet!

First, all the stuff to keep you safe!

We know you want to go have fun, but don’t forget to: drink lots of water, wear sunscreen (and maybe a hat), and EAT. Saving money isn’t worth it when it comes to eating; one meal, a snack, and at least one lemonade is all we ask. Heat Stroke is no joke so take care of yourselves. Jeesh!

Now the fun stuff.

There are two main kinds of attendees, the show watcher and the meet and greet addict. You can be a mixture of both or just be there to stock up on a new wardrobe or all the free goodies but for now we’ll focus on the other two and pretend it’s your first Warped ever.

The Watcher – Goal: to see as many bands as humanly possible.

After your first time at the Warped Tour you’ll develop your own system and know how to master the venue, and make it to every mosh pit. I know we laugh at the fan girls with their little lists of “must-meets” and set times- but this does help with planning your day! Start off by either buying the venue map which is an overpriced piece of paper (about $2 give or take) that shows where every stage is, and on the flip side has all the set times printed on it (overpriced maybe, but I’d say two dollars is worth not missing your fav band you’ve been waiting all year to see!).

“The alternative is the infamous cell phone pic of the giant inflatable schedule, which will also help you keep track of where you need to be, and when you need to be there!”

Having a plan isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and if there isn’t a whole bunch of your favorites there then hopping around from stage to stage will work just fine. Who knows, you may just discover your new favourite band this way!

The Meet & Greet Addict – Goal to meet/hug/get a picture or signature from as many bands as humanly possible.

There is definitely some planning that has to go into this one. First you have to make sure you get in line early. Doors open at 11 AM and before the main line is allowed access to the venue,  the line that donated 3 cans of food, old cellphones or money at the Feed Our Children NOW! Station goes in. So donating really does help others and you out. The better spot in line, the higher the chance you’ll get wristbands, posters, or times for the artists you’d like to meet. Not all artists are free to meet- some will require a purchase! Half of Warped Tour is paying for the artist’s dinners so buy up that merch and help them out, especially those up-and-coming bands- chances are they’re actually paying to be there!

A Mini Guide To:

Stages: If they’re next to each other, then the bands alternate back and forth, which is the case with all the main stages. So if a band you want to see is playing on the Journey’s Left Foot Stage and there is currently a band playing on the Journey’s Right Foot your band will be right up next after the current band plays their set. The stages farthest apart in opposite directions will be playing simultaneously so that the festival never has a dull moment. There’s always the small chance that some sets will have some overlap due to time scheduling and such. One of the worst, completely unavoidable,  things about Warped Tour is when 2 of your favourite bands play at the same time…dun dun dun.

Merch: Your size will run out!!! So go around, and if you love it, buy it, then deal with the fact that you’ll have to carry it around all day. Backpacks can be annoying, especially in the pit, but they certainly help with dragging around all that precious merch cargo you’ve been collecting throughout the day! You don’t have to buy everything, remember that you’re most likely limited on cash and will need some later to eat. 15$ may seem like a steal compared to Hot Topic merch, but it adds up quick. Most of the time that Limited EDITION Warped ONLY shirt is going to end up on the merch website or Hot Topic so there’s a chance you can buy it later, but don’t count on that entirely. Tipping is lovely, merch guys and gals don’t make a whole lot, so if you can spare a buck or two I’m sure it would make them smile (and they may even throw a few extra stickers or freebies your way). But, don’t worry if you can’t afford to tip, it’s okay, they will understand.

Tents: There are so many vendors and tents to visit that it may seem impossible to get to them all. Besides, most of us are there for the bands, but freebies never hurt anyone. Well, maybe except the Peta ones, those definitely hurt some hearts. My tent rules are make conversation and participate in everything! Always be nice to the volunteers, vendors, and anyone looking at the same tent as you. And don’t be afraid to ask about prices, and get cards and flyers- you can’t buy everything now but maybe later. Also, if they are forcing something upon you just say “No” or walk away. That’s fine too! If you don’t support the cause do not let them bully you, it sadly does happen.

If you need any other tips there are plenty of other posts on the official Warped Tour Website to help answer your questions or better yet! Leave a comment below and we’ll gladly help you out. Enjoy your day at Warped 🙂

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