If You Hate The World, You’ll Love These- *NEW* Goth Emojis

For those days when a winkie face or even the *NEW* highly regarded taco emoji just can’t quite correctly express your hatred for the world.

Stockholm-based artist and illustrator Lisen Haglund has created her own library of dark and evilicious goth emojis.


“The goth emoji collection contains all your hateful, heinous must-haves including: broken hearts, pentagrams, bats as well as an array of useful goth day to day words like “slay”. Do you need them? Well do you hate things? Then yes, yes you do.”

Be sure to check out Lisen’s amazing art on her webstore Nattskiftet, as well as her Instagram and Tumblr page.


So what are you waiting for? You can now download the full range of goth emojis from the App Store for just $0.99! What a deal!


Oh, you have an android, well that sucks! Unfortunately “Goth Emojis” are currently only available for apple users (don’t you wish you had a goth emoji to show your disdain for this?) We’re sure it wont be long until they develop the android friendly version, so you android users may also be granted the freedom to  fulfill all your Ouija board, black cat, inverted cross needs!

The great news is these emoji’s are all Facebook compatible, the bad news is: these things are HUGE! In fact, I challenge whether these evil little pieces of genius can truly be classified as emojis, or if they would be more correctly titled ‘images you can copy and paste into your text messages’.

Either way, if you hate the world. You’ll love these.


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