French Girls – The Selfie Drawing Must-Have App You Can’t Live Without!

How have I never heard of this app before!?

The latest (ok so maybe it was released nearly 2 years ago, where have I been seriously?)  and greatest app for our narcissistic generation. Introducing ‘French Girls’  the award winning app that claims to be “a marketplace for commissioned artwork inspired by selfies”.

Yep, this app is essentially made up of two things, uploading selfies, and drawing other peoples selfies.

Created by possibly the worlds strangest/most amazing individuals Adam and Andrew, through treacherous hours of studies and research….ie:

“French Girls was created during a booze-fueled weekend hackathon. Chaining ourselves to a radiator in an abandoned warehouse deep in the heart of Scranton, Pennsylvania, we began with absolutely no ideas. Many hours later, we still had none. Eventually, the idea of taking selfies and drawing them somehow became a thing.

After many months of working on French Girls in our spare time, we decided to put all our eggs into one basket then throw that basket into the trash. How do you like us now, eggs? Since then we have devoted all our time to helping people take and draw selfies. We have been awarded several humanitarian awards for our efforts.”

This got me wondering, would people actually just draw strangers? Or is it more of a fan based app for people who already have massive social media followings? Well, I took it for a test-run threw up my fav selfie and voila, within an hour I had two drawings return back to me! Yay! Check it out!


The skill level on French Girls range completely across the talent board, from absolutely incredible, detailed portraits, to scribbles drawn by a left-handed t-Rex with a blindfold, to tastefully done and charmingly stylized  pop-art

Very similar to Instagram viewers have the options to “like”, “comment”, and “follow”.  With French Girls, users also have the ability to hire an artist to recreate their selfie for a predetermined commission, where the buyer can then have their new high quality canvas prints delivered to their doorstep.

The app is already 1.5 million strong and growing rapidly  in users. So what are you waiting for? Bring on the creativity folks.

On the other hand I feel like this could  get nasty very quickly…




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