Our Choices For Who To Play Vans Warped Tour ’16

Hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start because ours is! And with a new year that means another Vans Warped Tour is coming! Dates have already been released for when Warped will be coming to your town, but now the eager wait as to who will rock the stages is sinking in. Vans Warped Tour will start announcing their 2016 line up in March and the fans have been voting since the end of last year’s Warped as to who they’d like see play for this year’s. Some of our team decided to jump in on the fun, so let’s see who we all picked to play!

Shawna Terry (Photographer, News Reporter)
Most of Shawna’s picks such as Mayday Parade and Crown The Empire have previous played Warped in the past few years, except for Cartel and I Prevail. Cartel hasn’t played a Vans Warped Tour stage since 2006 while I Prevail hasn’t at all. It is very likely we will see I Prevail on this year’s Warped Tour lineup due to the fact that last year (2015) the band’s popularity exploded. I Prevail released their cover of Taylor Swift’sBlank Space” on December 1st, 2014 that took over the internet, and was then signed to Fearless Records May 25th, 2015. It was too late last year to add them onto the tour by the time they were signed so chances of them playing this year are 10/10. As for Panic! At The Disco, they are released a new album “Death Of A Bachelor” on January 22nd, so chances they will be touring a lot this year promoting the album.

Desiree Mark (Owner, Editor, Photographer, Writer)
Desiree’s choices are of the highly likely to perform. One Ok Rock has been a growing sensation in the USA this past year where they previously toured as a supporting band for the Back To The Future Hearts Tour with All Time Low and Sleeping With SirensBring Me The Horizon just released their latest album That’s The Spirit and would most likely be there to promote it and haven’t played Warped since 2013. But as for twenty one pilots, their new rise to fame since they have been playing on radio stations across the world as well as performing on the MTV Music Awards 2015 will most likely not be able to perform due to being highly on demand to play elsewhere.

Shae Beaudoin (Writer)
Shae’s choices sticking to the same genre and are perfect for Warped. I See Stars is a high chance to perform, they have not performed since 2013, and have a new album coming out soon. Issues may grace the stage this year having not played last year’s, but may be too busy writing the new album they plan to release sometime later this year. The Word Alive will be releasing a new album on March 18th, so there’s a good change they’ll be hitting the road to promote that as well.

Kyle Hurley (Photographer)
Of Mice And Men may not be a good choice due to the fact that Singer/Screamer Austin Carlile has been battling some health issues and the stress of the tour just may be too much for him to do as of now. We Came As Romans have recently released a self titled album in 2015 and may be a good candidate to play 2016 just for that.

Alice Gamez (News Reporter)
We The Kings is very likely to perform at this years Warped. They have not played since ’14 and have also just released their new album “Strange Love“. But there is a chance they will not due to the fact that singer Travis Clark and his wife just had a baby girl Kinsley Clark. Where as Artist Vs Poet haven’t been on since ’10 and have parted ways with some members are due for a comeback.

Sami Jewer (Photographer, News Reporter, Interviewer)
All of Sami’s choices are highly likely. With Pierce The Veil’s album due to come out later this year it’s likely they will be out promoting it this summer. PVRIS becoming an up and comer the past year where recently they performed on Jimmie Kimmel will most likely not play this year, due to the fact they were on the past two years in a row, but due to their popularity, you never know! All Time Low as well haven’t played since ’12 and are due for a return along with Rise Against and Taking Back Sunday.

Either way we just can’t wait for this year’s lineup so we can start looking forward to them every week. Tickets will go on sale this March! Who do you want to see?

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