Desiree Mark

Desiree Mark Staff HeaderOwner/Shooting Starrr

Desiree has been involved in the music media world for over 10 years, and after being heartlessly eliminated as a finalist from Much Music’s VJ Search 2013 Reality TV Show, she couldn’t let her career in the music media industry end there. In fact, it just fueled the fire more.

She wanted to find a team of the most exciting, passionate, and memorable journalists and personalities she could find, believing that if you cover musicians, with equally colourful and entertaining journalists, there is no possible way you could get a boring interview or story.

Desiree Mark is the girl behind RememberMEdia. You will probably find her on stage, in her stilettos, pulling her Nikon from her Louis Vuitton or backstage with a gin and sparkling grapefruit, and a microphone, stirring up trouble. With beautiful, messy ideas and a way of knowing everyone in the room, if she’s at a show you’ll surely know. She loves friendly faces, meeting new people, and exaggerated stories, so come out for a visit! Shoots, Shots, and someone like no one you have ever met before, Desiree is taking RememberMEdia and the music scene by storm.


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