RMTV: An Interview With Waterparks

Armed with avocados with their faces on them, Houston, Texas based Waterparks sits down with our very own RM girl Elizabeth Rae, to discuss very serious subjects, such as the Spice Girls (and the elusive “Old Spice”), skin-flavoured gum (yum?), and curling up in the fetal position mid-set.

“We’re a big-boy-band, we’re like a real band now, we got t-shirts…well a couple, and we got a trailer, and some songs” – Awsten Knight

These guys are not only incredibly talented musicians who are definitely on the rise, but they’re also a blast to hang out with! Check out the full interview right here:

Want to learn more about Waterparks? Check them out on any of their social media accounts below:

Band Links:
Official Website: http://www.waterparksband.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Waterparks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/waterparkstx
Instagram: https://instagram.com/waterparks
Tumblr: http://waterparksband.tumblr.com

We challenge you to not get absolutely hooked on their latest single “I’m A Natural Blue,” take a listen and let us know what you think!

And in the meantime, watch out for all the frogs!

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