Slaves Kicked Off Warped Tour: Allegations of Sexual Harassment, Dumping Toxic Sewage, & Buying/Selling Drugs At Their Merch Tent

Jonny Craig is at it again. In a battle with Ronnie Radke to determine who is truly the most notorious frontman. Well with Radke on his best behavior currently promoting the “Cut It Out” campaign against self-harm, looks like Jonny takes the lead…

That’s right, after a short 3 day stint, Slaves have been officially voted off The Vans Warped Tour during a “Town Hall” style meeting attended by other tour participants in Columbia, Maryland. After allegedly assaulting and sexually harassing their own Merch Girl Colleen,  dumping toxic sewage out of their tour bus, and selling drugs at their merch table (WHAT!?!?!) it’s the end of the Warped road for Slaves.

This image began  circulating last week regarding a vote to be held to determine the fate of Jonny Craig’s (formerly of Emarosa, and Dance Gavin Dance)  latest musical endeavor, Slaves.


Slaves have issued this statement, via Facebook denying all allegations:

and then….Jonny Craig had this to add:

“I have 0 problems admitting I drank but i WILL not say I used drugs. Last nights meeting was a railroad about how I’m still high. I got drunk and treated our Merch girl like she was one of the dudes and I understand this was not respectful behavior and I’m sorry very sorry to Colleen but this isn’t worth all this? I don’t think the word rape is funny and I don’t think anyone should just toss that around. I would never hurt anyone of the opposite sex. I’m sorry for breaking my streak of not drinking and have no problem picking right back up. I have spent a year putting my life back together will REAL change for once and I don’t deserve this. Neither do my band who have done nothing but take care of me and picked me up time and time again.”

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