Suicide Girl/Make-Up Extraordinaire Laney Chantal’s Lisa Frank Makeup Tutorial

Not only is Laney Chantal incredibly sexy (as you can see for yourself over at, but she’s also an incredibly talented make-up artist!


We first fell in love with her on SyFy network’s hit reality TV series Face Off where she made it to the top 5 before shocking everyone by voluntarily stepping down from the competition due to family matters. She has also toured with Marilyn Manson creating different stage looks for his show, and ALSO worked for Universal Studios turning people into “Who’s” during the holiday season.

“Needless to say this girl has got it going on, and is definitely an RM GirlCRUSH!

This makeup tutorial is everything, your 90’s heart desires. So put down your lip smackers, turn off that episode of “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” and check out this amazing Lisa Frank Inspired Tiger Prosthetic Makeup Tutorial.


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