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Wildways – Into The Wild

From Russia With Love Comes The Booty-Shaking, Ass-Quaking, Twerkcore Charm Of Wildways

WILDWAYS(1)Release Date: March 25, 2016
Label: Artery Recordings
Rocks Like: Linkin Park, Attila, Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead
Recommended Track(s): Skins, Don’t Give Up Your Guns, Wings


Этот альбом очень хорошо! Я собираюсь написать весь этот обзор на русском языке. Просто шучу , это было бы глупо!

Never judge a book by it’s cover, or Wildways by their first single.

“You’ve undoubtedly heard (or saw) the booty shaking, bra downpour in slowmo, sexy watermelon eating/rubbing on bodies, “twerkcore” music video that is ‘Faka Faka Yeah’ by Moscow, Russia natives Wildways.”

And if you haven’t, I guarantee your typing the title into your YouTube search bar as we speak.
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New Music Video from Asking Alexandria!

Finally! It’s been a long journey for Asking Alexandria this past year. The departure of vocalist Danny Worsnop left many fans unsure of the band’s future. Fear not! The new vocalist Denis Shaforostov has done us proud! Check out their new music video for The Black below!

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Asking Alexandria Post Teaser Of New Song

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Asking Alexandria these days, from hints and suspicions at who will replace frontman Danny Worsnop, to fragments and fractions of new music samples.

Well here’s the latest clue as to what fans can expect for new music; Ben Bruce (guitarist/vocalist) recently posted this short clip of new material via Instagram. Check it out right here:
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