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What Do Scorpion Pizza & Marianas Trench Have In Common?

They’re Both Delicious, & We Found Them Both At Edmonton’s Very Own K-Days!

Date: July 22, 2014
Venue: Telus Stage, Klondike Days, Northlands
City: Edmonton, AB
Highlight: Josh Ramsay’s red pleather pants. The 70’s called – they are terribly angry that you stole them, and would appreciate their safe return.
Reviewed By: Devan Rylee

9:00 am: Task of the Day – Find some poor sucker to eat a piece of Scorpion Pizza at Klondike Days. Film person eating it. Secretly hope said person throws up after eating it, purely for entertainment and shock value. Acknowledge that I’m a horrible person for hoping this.

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K-Days Showcases Legendary Canadian Rockers – Our Lady Peace

And A Phone Call Made Me Realize I’m Wrong

Date: July 19, 2014
Venue: Northlands, Telus Stage, Klondike Days
City: Edmonton, Alberta
Highlight: Raine Maida’s voice. Raine Maidas’s eyes. Raine Maida’s hair. You get the jist.. Is this what love feels like?
Reviewed By: Devan Rylee

9:00 am: Woke up craving Deep Fried Oreos and some good music to start my day off. Pretty typical morning.
9:07 am: Realized I’m going to Klondike Days today which means Deep Fried Oreos AND good music. Contemplate what good deed I did to deserve such a fantastic day.
10:00am: Do boring adult things like go to the bank, make tea, and knit. Realize I’m the only 26 year old that spends her Saturday knitting and that I’m almost late for the show due to (you guessed it) making a tiny knitted hat. I already regret admitting that I like knitting. Moving along…
7:00pm: Arrive at Klondike Days. Have to park 7 blocks away. Figure it will be my cardio for the day. Get lost. Get distracted by everything deep fried. How do you even deep fry butter? However it happens, it needs to be in my life. Right this second.
9:15pm: Shows supposed to start. Good, because I’m about to go into a deep fried coma any second now.
9:40pm: Still no Our Lady Peace. Am I still alive? Why did I eat the deep fried butter? Seriously though, how to you even deep fry butter?
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