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What. The. F%@k!? Bring Me The Horizon Release New Video For ‘Follow You’

AP calls it “intriguing“… that’s one way to put it.

The video starts with the quote, “Love is blind, deaf, and fucking dumb” and things quickly deteriorate from there.

In a bloodbath of gory shootings, explosions, and devastation our friendly lovesick main character brings true meaning to one of the most quotable lyric of the year “So you can drag me through hell, if it meant I could hold your hand”.
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Bring Me The Horizon TRASH Coldplay’s Table During Awards Ceremony – WATCH HERE!

How To Get Revenge On Someone That Steals Your Album Artwork 101- With Oliver Sykes

Last night at the NME Awards in Austin, TX Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes got a little up close and personal with Coldplay’s VIP table during their performance of ‘Happy Song‘… And by up close and personal we mean proceeding to jump on the table, smash around on it, crash it to the floor, and then casually jump off and continue the performance as if nothing had even happened.
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Oli Sykes Explains The Concept Behind BMTH’s New Album “That’s The Spirit!”

Excited for tomorrow?

Yeah? “That’s The Spirit!”

Tomorrow is the big day for Bring Me The Horizon fans everywhere, and one of the most anticipated release dates of the year! “That’s the Spirit” is the fifth studio album released from BMTH and is said to be the strongest and most accomplished album to date. The first three singles, “Drown,” “Happy Song,” and “Throne” have made the rumours of a different BMTH sound and direction seem very  plausible. We here at Remember MEdia are SO excited to see just how different BMTH really went with this album!
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The Big Reveal: Bring Me The Horizon Announce New Album Title & Track List

Mark your calendars! On September 11th, 2015 Bring Me The Horizon will be releasing their fifth studio album titled, “That’s The Spirit.” Check out the official track list and album art below!
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Love, Lust, & The Remember MEdia Top 5 V-Day Crushes (4 Girls Edition)

Date: February 7, 2012
Desiree Mark and Lexi Mars

Boys, Boys, Boys! We’ve got to admit, every Valentine’s Day they’re all that cross our minds. No, we’re not wasting our time day dreaming about flowers that will die in a week, or chocolates that will throw off our diets. We’re thinking of motorcycle rides, skinny dipping, whiskey sipping (who are we kidding- whiskey coma), tattoos, messy morning hair and things if we said, well, then we probably wouldn’t be able to kiss our mother’s with these lips again.
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