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Wildways – Into The Wild

From Russia With Love Comes The Booty-Shaking, Ass-Quaking, Twerkcore Charm Of Wildways

WILDWAYS(1)Release Date: March 25, 2016
Label: Artery Recordings
Rocks Like: Linkin Park, Attila, Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead
Recommended Track(s): Skins, Don’t Give Up Your Guns, Wings


Этот альбом очень хорошо! Я собираюсь написать весь этот обзор на русском языке. Просто шучу , это было бы глупо!

Never judge a book by it’s cover, or Wildways by their first single.

“You’ve undoubtedly heard (or saw) the booty shaking, bra downpour in slowmo, sexy watermelon eating/rubbing on bodies, “twerkcore” music video that is ‘Faka Faka Yeah’ by Moscow, Russia natives Wildways.”

And if you haven’t, I guarantee your typing the title into your YouTube search bar as we speak.
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