The Dilemma Of A So-Cal Fall & The Importance Of Pumpkin Spice

“If It Wasn’t For Pumpkin Spice, We Probably Wouldn’t Even Know It Was Fall…”

Look out flip flops, board shorts, and tank tops! It’s time to make way for the big boys. Say hello to leather boots, fluffy scarves, and extra soft flannels. September 23rd marked the official first day of fall. Ideally that would mean it’s time to get started on that super scary Halloween costume, and trade in your bright summer colored lipsticks for darker, richer tones. All around the world fall is known as the season in which the leaves change colors and the temperature drops, yet Southern California seems to have missed the memo!

The truth is, in most of California we don’t actually know what seasons are. We have “hot”, “really hot”, and then what we call “cold” which most everyone else may refer to as, “hot” or “light sweater weather”.  

So, have you ever wondered what the Famous City of Angels is like in the fall?

Well, we have your sneak peek into the confusing autumn SoCal lifestyle.

For us, the first day of fall is like any other day, it’s hot. The weeks that follow… are also hot. The only difference is that the mornings eventually start getting a bit chilly. You go to bed sweating and you wake up freezing… charming.

Being that California is a desert, such an obscenity should seem normal; because it is. This makes getting dressed in the morning a consistent struggle. Dress for warm weather or cold weather? The morning temperature makes a cozy sweater and jeans seem tempting…wrong! Come 10 AM that outfit is a certain, 100%, go directly to, do not pass go, DO NOT collect 200$ – trip to the ER  due to heat stroke. One common solution are shorts and hoodies being paired together, the other more tragic combo being socks worn with sandals.  Layering is key when it comes to surviving both chilly Hollywood mornings and scorching hot afternoons; sweaters and jackets (hell even pants) can easily come off.

The days continue to pass, and come mid October BAM!!! It stops getting hot. There’s no warning, just one random day the temperature does not go over 90 anymore. We start getting comfortable, daring to venture into warmer sweaters, boots start coming out, and just when we are about to do the unthinkable and buy a scarf, the ridiculous hot weather comes back with a vengeance. The struggle…

Finally the days start getting shorter, and the hot days dwindle towards the end of October; these are the fall days the Californians wait for. The days are sunny, the weather is chill, and one out of every 50 trees changes color. Then the winds pick up, they start as a gentle, soft breeze, and soon after you end up feeling like Piglet on the end of the loose thread on Pooh’s Scarf in the childhood short “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day”. These freakish winds called Santa Ana’s have no mercy- not on perfect hair do’s, skaters, or small children.

In the fall it may rain once or twice. And like the stories go, yes all hell breaks loose the moment the first drop of water hits someone in the face.

“Is it raining? I think it’s raining!? Oh my goodness it’s RAINING!!!” is heard everywhere.

People all around throw out their hands in an attempt to catch a raindrop for confirmation. Raindrops on the ground do not count. Once it’s deemed official, everyone starts to scramble around looking for shelter. The days to follow are spent looking to the sky for any sign of grey clouds that could warn to dress for rain. SoCal rain dress code equals hoodies, jeans, and boots. The occasional person will go “all-out” and invest in raincoats and umbrellas, but mostly just moms and the people tragically caught in the rain.

So basically, for a California fall, we wear summer clothes until it’s almost winter, the days get shorter, and there’s pumpkin spice everything everywhere. So next time you find yourself in Southern California during the fall, bring along your boots and favorite hoodie, and you’ll be all set to fit in with the natives.

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