Bringing The Classics Back To Life


Release Date: February 26, 2016
Label: Independent
Rocks Like: Arkells, Hollerado, Mumford and Sons
Recommended Tracks: Folsom Prison Blues, Hurt

The Honest Heart Collective gave us a sneak peek at their Johnny Cash Covers EP titled “Cash.” Their latest EP, set to release February 26th to commemorate the country legend’s birthday, brings Cash‘s classics back to life with a modern rock touch.

Not only did we like what blasted through our speakers here at RM; we loved it! Check it out!

You may have heard of The Honest Heart Collective for their debut full-length album released last year, The Liar’s Club, and if you haven’t…where have you been?

This six-piece Thunder Bay rock outfit is taking Canada by storm, and they deserve some serious credit. They are currently on their fifth self-navigated tour within the last twelve months and their hard work and dedication is really paying off. Make sure to keep your eyes on the ever-growing ‘folk-infused rock band’.

The Honest Heart Collective, founded in 2013,  give us the roots of rock music with their own unique mix of folk and punk. In their “Cash” EP,  they’ve incorporated their own unique style to the originals of Johnny Cash.

The band describe Johnny Cash as one of their biggest musical inspirations, along with icons like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Frank Turner.

The four-track tribute collection was recorded and mixed at singer Ryan MacDonald‘s Lionheart Studios. The raw and real sound that this EP emits is recognizable and will be very appreciated by its listeners. It’s easy to connect to the music and groove along with the flow of the songs.

The Honest Heart Collective could not have done better with their renditions of Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues, God’s Gonna Cut You Down, Jackson, and Hurt.

The upbeat tempo of Folsom Prison Blues gives the EP a strong and powerful start. It’s the hook that reels you in, leaving you wanting more. Immediately, you know that these covers are not your average cover band attempts at exposure. But a true revolution in music.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down continues the flow of the EP, and is the affirmation that The Honest Heart Collective really know how to pull together a successful and unique set of covers.

The third track, Jackson, features guest vocals from Maddy Loroff. Her voice compliments Ryan MacDonald‘s vocals perfectly in the reimagined version of the song.

Before we reach the end, Hurt ties together the entire EP with a profound, heartfelt rendition of the song. There is no way for this EP to disappoint.

You can stream the EP today, and we strongly recommend that you do.

Don’t forget to check out The Honest Heart Collective‘s website for tour dates!

Which Cash cover is your favourite? Let us know! We love them all!

Track Listing:

  1. Folsom Prison Blues
  2. God’s Gonna Cut You Down
  3. Jackson
  4. Hurt

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